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This information is not for navigation, always use official Hydrographic Charts
Outside route around Prince Edward County
This information is not for navigation, always use official Hydrographic Charts
Long Point, Scotch Bonnet

Canadian Hydrographic Charts 2060, 2061
N. Lake Ontario Outer & Quinte Outer Route Wolfe Ils Long Pt Waupoos Main Duck Scotch Bonnet

Scotch Bonnet Island 43° 54'.00 :N 77° 32'.00 :W
McFaul Shoal18' 2 mi. S of Hucks 44° 54'.00 :N 77° 29'.00 :W
Palen Bank24' 3 SSW of Hucks 44°NA'.00:N 77°NA'.00:W
Salmon Point 4 WNW of Petre 43° 51.00 :N 77° 09'.00 :W
Point Petre 3 SSW of Hucks 43° 50'.00 :N 77° 09'.00 :W

This is a shore which is exposed to the full effects of Lake Ontario. We recommend that you take special care and consider the dangers as there is nowhere to find shelter. Insure you check weather conditions for at least twice the amount of time your anticipate requiring to transit this 40 odd miles of coast between Long Point and Presqu'il Bay.

I am afraid that we disappointed you as when we made this passage it was night and I tend to stay well offshore running on the satnav numbers. There is little to be seen on the shoreline and only small boats can access any of the landing sites.

Point Petre to Long Point

The 14 miles between Long Point Harbor and Point Petre tends to be low and swampy without conspicuous landmarks. The dangerous shoreline and near coast water is shallow with boulders and generally the 5 fathom line is approximately 1.3 offshore.

1.7 miles WSW of Prince Edward Point is Little Poplar Point and Poplar Bar dry 2 feet. Proceeding WSW you pass Gravelly Point, Ostrander Point, Big Sandy Bay and Gravelly Bay. 7 miles overall WSW (P.E.C.) is Petticoat Point, then at 11 miles overall Gull Bar which has a boulder spit. You can see two white houses NE of Gull bar.

Point Petre Light (409) has a white circular tower of 62 feet high with red horizontal bands. Point Petre is the most southerly point in Prince Edward County and has 24 radio towers some 150' high with air obstruction lights and is 0.4 miles north of the Point Petre Light. The lights tend to be seen as a cluster of red lights.

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Scotch Bonnet Island is flat, bare and 0.9 miles SW of Nicholoson Island with a white skeleton tower 60' ( 18.3m) high with a spit extending 0.3 miles east of the island. A now abandoned lighthouse keepers residence was still prominent in 1994. Nicholoson Island is heavily wooded and separated from Hucks Point by a passage having a depth of 24 feet, providing you know your way. If not it can be dangerous.

2 miles South of Scotch Bonnet Island lies Scotch Bonnet Shoal which has depths of 12 to 18 feet.

Outer Route & Bay of Quinte
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Not for navigation, always Hydrographic Charts

Wellington Wellington Bay, Sandbanks Park
Canadian Hydrographic Charts 2060,


Is at the head of Wellington Bay 4.5 miles NW of West Point, southeast of Wellers Bay. Wellington Bay is a large bight laying between Hyucks Point 9.5 miles WNW. On NE of the bay is and West Lake. Caution should be used in poor visibility as the north shore provides poor radar reflecting qualities. The most notable landmark in Wellington is the white water tower with its green horizontal band which is easily visibility from Wellington Bay. There are 13 radio towers visibility 4 miles NE of Hucks Point with air obstruction lights which are easy to see. A microwave tower is located 3.6 miles north of town also showing air obstruction lights.

Wellington village is located on the southern shore of Prince Edward County, directly adjacent to the northern end of Sandbanks Provincial Park. Once a grain port, Wellington has joined the rest of Prince Edward County's Bed and Breakfast areas with craft and antique shops.

Wellington Town

The entrance to the harbor is ESE of Wellington between two boulder breakwaters. The channel is subject to silting, and although privately buoyed and reportedly dredged to 4' once each spring. Wellington West Breakwater light ( 490.5) is on the outer extremity of the breakwater on a 29 foot high white circular tower with a green upper part.

The village of Wellington has a public wharf in the NW corner of West Lake, near the end of the entrance to the harbor,it is 104 feet long and 18' wide with an elevation of 5 feet. Depths alongside vary from 1 to 4 feet .Pickards Bait & Tackle Shop is found here and offers dockage with power, launching ramp, picnic tables, fishing boat rentals, ice, rooms, some groceries, hardware, and of course bait &tackle.

Westlake Marine 1 mile east of the town dock has small boat and picnic facilities, however very shallow ( 1' ) depths were reported.
Willowridge Campgrounds & Lodge a half mile further east offered dockage small boat or canoe rental, dockage, camping and picnic tables. Very shallow ( 1' ) depths were reported..

This information is not for navigation, always use official Hydrographic Charts

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