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Updatede July 16,2005
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Sparrow Lake

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South east entrance to Sparrow Lake

Sparrow Lake, at 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide provides a short break from the restrictions of the canal. Port Stanton with its public dock is hard to port and about 0.6 miles away on the west side of Welsh Bay. A good place to stop off if a break is desired.

When entering the lake form the south east there is a shoal off the point stay in the channel !

Clearing Monahan Point the channel across Sparrow Lake is established by S238 and S237 (FIG). Spar Buoy S239 shown on chart has been removed and day marker S239A renamed S239. The channel runs almost due north 001° for approximately 1.5 miles picking up marker pair S236 and S235 at the north side continuation of the channel.

Port Stanton

cottage to east beside dock

When entering the lake from the south east and waterway to Lake Couchiching. On the south west shore of Sparrow Lake, roughly a mile from Lauderdale Point. Port Stanton can be recognized by the white cottages and store set well above the lake and the Petro Canada sign on the fuel dock.

Port Stanton Sparrow Lake

Port Stanton boasts a general store, laundromat, restaurant and church. There is a public wharf that had 4 to 7' of depth and is 85' long roughly 2' elevation with an attached 35' section.

Port Stanton Dock

As you approach you will likely pinch up on the buildings of Bay view and the cottage beside the dock from a distance quicker than you will see the dock its self. The store is set back up a low hill from the dock and the white cottage to the east of the dock is easy to spot from the lake.

Port Stanton gas dock

Beside the wharf is Stanton Bros. General Store where you can grab a snack, pick up basic needs and fishing paraphernalia. The folks are friendly and there is a quiet air to there is quiet air to this port. Stanton's has all the extras you expect from a country store and as long as the wind dose not swing north it can be a nice break.

Next to Port Stanton on what for all purposes is an extension of the road to Stanton Brothers's is the Resort. They have cottages and several large hotel or lodge style buildings.

A mile to the west of Port Stanton in the south west corner of Sparrow Lake is Bayview Wildwood Resort & Conference Center (800) 461 02443. You can pick out the large white main buildings set back from the water and the cottages along the shore. There is a long dock which is roughly 60' feet long with 4' of elevation. They have space for 2 or transient boats but preference is given to those staying at the resort.

Bayview Resort has extensive facilities which include many outdoor programs to cater to all active tastes with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis, nature trails, water skiing, bike rental, and a kids program. The non sporting life here is pretty good as well with several different plans and places to eat. The restaurant is open for breakfast lunch and dinner overlooking the lake and has something for all tastes with wonderful sweet tooth specialities.

Grandview Point

Grandview Resort and Conference Center

Grandview Point lies roughly mid distance N. S., separating McLean's Bay from the rest of the lake. There are a series of small islands with adjoining shoals that extend from the point. The main Trent Severn channel is well marked by a series of day markers and buoys.

North Sparrow Lake continue here

Grandview Point Resort docks

As you approach Grandview Resort docks and islands are on the west shore. You down bound course brings you several hundred yards off shore here and the beaches are often busy in summer so please reduce you speed in time to minimize wash.

mi216tna.gif - 25108 Bytes

For those on the main channel down stream for Swift Rapids you course cuts diagonally accross the lake to exit in the north west corner. As you approach Grandview Point the channel passes between Channel Island, just off the Grandview Resort which dominates Grandview Point.

Grandview Point Sparrow Lake

Approaching from the SE the channel marks begin at S235 and S236 which lead through a series of buoys which lead you around the point (seen in the picture). High Island is further offshore although easy to see.

The channel now winds its way through some nasty and foul ground consisting of weeds, shallows and rocks towards Portlock Channel. The channel is stands out in this area as the weed growth is so visable to the sides it forms a liquid road and marked.

Playland Grandview Point

On the south shore roughly mile 216 is the Torpitt Lodge and Sparrow Lake Lodge which are now defunct. The 9 hole golf course is home to dozens of geese and the land is private property.

Clearing S212 and S211 markers located off Iron City Point there is an unmarked channel leading into Deep Bay to your north. Deep Bay is NOT a fish sanctuary anymore so you can cast a line in a nice anchorage and catch supper. If you decide to explore this bay you will need caution as there is an entrance bar that shoals to less than 4' of water.

Sparrow Lake North

Channel Island
mpNspwiTN .gif - 11277 Bytes

If you wish to explore the northern portion of Sparrow Lake it is important that you avoid the shoal areas the lie NE of the entrance to the Portluck Channel. You will begin to depart the main Trent Severn Channel roughly mid lake, or as you can begin to see Grand view Resort on the west shore in the vicinity of mile 215.

Your safe course to the north is to the east of High and Margaret Islands, watching for High Island Shoal which sits roughly mid lake east of the entrance to the Portluck Channel. Much of the north of the lake is shallow but also offers excellent fishing opportunities to the cautious and smaller craft.

Silver Pines Restaurant  Landing

A favorite stop is the Silver Pines Restaurant (705) 689 2813 which is found at the extreme north end of the lake. You can Identify Silver Pines by a large screened in patio with natural wood siding dockside. The Silver Pines offers a full menu including steak and seafood with nice surroundings. You can tie up a mid 20' boat with less than 4' of draft at the restaurant dock while eating. If you choose to stay overnight you will have to move to the adjoining public dock.

If exploring the north end of Sparrow Lake there is a landing at Franklin Wharf. Depth's here are shallow and suitable only for small fishing boats with draft of less than 2'. The dock itself is T shaped 165' long and 16' wide.

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