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Sparrow Lake to Swift Rapids

Grandview Point - McLean's Bay
Grandview Point
Channel Island off Grandview Point S 229
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Grandview Point is well developed with two major facilities.

As you leave Sparrow Lake headed downstream to Port Severn you have a gauntlet of marker buoys to run. S231 (FIG) marks the channel, which runs to the west of Channel Island on the east. This beginnings a narrow section where the shoals close in on both sides. Continue through S230 and S229 , next the channel curves sharply back again through S228 and S227. Continue between S226 and S223. NOTE: Evens Island Day mark S225 located on Evens Island above the channel forms a range mark for your course here.

Playland Grandview Point Mile 216

The channel now winds its way through some nasty and foul ground consisting of weeds, swallows and rocks towards Portlock Channel. The channel is stands out in this area as the weed growth is so visible to the sides it forms a liquid road and marked.

Clearing S212 and S211 markers off Iron City Point there is an unmarked channel into Deep Bay off your south east side between Iron City Point and Joseph Point on the north shore. The bay is no longer a fish sanctuary. The entrance to the bay can be very tricky and you should use extreme caution as there are 3 to 4' shoals at the entrance bar which is shown as 5' of depth. at the entrance depth inside reach 30' with workable depth over most of its area.

Sophers Landing

There are numerous cottages with posted property around this quiet bay and boaters are reminded that courtesy and respect will go a long way to making cruising more enjoyable for everyone.

Sophers Landing

You are about 8 miles away from Swift Rapids Lock 43. The Portlock Channel takes you out of Sparrow Lake into McLean's Bay with the channel favouring the south shore running past a series of markers S208, S206 and finally S204 that lead around River Point out of the bay.

Sohers Landing

On the north west shore of Mclean's Bay is Sophers Landing. As you approach from mid bay exercise CAUTION as there is a Water Ski jump which get frequent use in season off the longer dock. Sophers has a mechanic who does most general repairs to boats and engines along with prop repairs.

Sophers Landing

Sophers Landing (705) 687 8910. They can accommodate up to 55 boats up to 20 long with 6 of depth at the docks end. The marina sign is east to see and they do repairs and can arrange other types of repairs if requested. They do not monitor the radio so tie up and come to the shop.

As you head back into the river high banks surround you and the narrow water moves rapidly. Everywhere you look are speed control signs and woe be the fool who does go bashing through.

River Point is located at mile 204 of the waterway. The Trent Severn channel makes an abrupt bend at the mark and turns almost west flanked by high walls along much of the canal. Sparrow Lake Chute is about 2 miles away. By mile 216.2 the high banks give way to a small bay. Down bound your next set of day marks are found on Lions Head on the north shore. Your day mark's S199 are located on Lions Head and then S197 where the channel curves to port as it heads down towards the chute.

Sparrow Lake Chute

The entrance to Sparrow Lake Chute, mile 219.6 is marked by S195 and S193 . THIS IS A SPEED CONTROL ZONE Your course will carry you closer to the island shore (S192) in order to avoid the rock that lies off the north point of land between the small islets and shore.

Maintain the center of the channel passing between S190 and S189 day marker's on the north shore, marking the end of the chute. You now cross a small bay to emerge between day mark S186 and S187. passing to a much larger bay.


The channel sweeps along the south west shore of a small bay. To the north at mile 220.2 there is a public wharf at Morrison Landing with a gravel launching ramp. This dock runs parallel to shore with 5 foot of depth and 50 feet long.

Lantern Marina (705) 687 4184 has grey buildings and maintains a 24 hour presence during the season with a lit dock and sign. The approach from the channel is open with deep water and once you enter the small bay there is 6 feet of water available at the fuel dock. The marina has facilities for 125 seasonal boats and roughly 10 transients.

Watch for day mark S183, then set a course past S184 and S182 for McDonalds Cut. There is deep water across most of the bay until you start up the cut. McDonalds Cut is as yet unspoilt and reveals yet another face of the Trent Severn's geology when passing through the deep gorge you can enjoy its terra cotta walls festooned with lichen and ferns.

The entrance downstream is marked by day markers S180 and S181 and anotherSPEED CONTROL ZONE. In the cut the channel favors the south west shore and is marked by S177 then S173.

The next marker downstream is S171 on the north side of the river mile 222.1 which marks a slight turn on the approach to Hydro Glen and the Ragged Rapids below. SPEED CONTROL ZONE

CAUTION: At S169 there are hazards to on both sides that are not marked. There is a railroad bridge with vertical clearance of 34'.

Once you clear day marker S167 located on the north shore you enter into Weirs Bay from the east (up stream). Day marker S165 lies to the north of the channel on a point.

Wier Bay

Alternative Channel & Anchorage

The area here is ripe for anchoring in the small backwaters and passages in the forest area. One well documented location is off mile 220.30 southeast of Morrison Landing, in Wier Bay behind the small group of islands where depth range from 15 to 20.

This is a quiet secluded area where the cottagers on the shore prefer to be left alone with their rights respected. Be a good boater and be careful where you anchor as they often have underwater power leading to their cottage.

Lost Landing

Another possibility occurs at mile 223 where there are a number islands in the middle of the lake providing shelter. If one uses this option be advised that there is a small island to the south west of the day mark which lies dead center of your course on the chart. S165 mile 5000W day mark located on North shore downstream of Wier's Bay.

From here 1.7 is found on the north shore as makes a gentle bend and opens up for the balance of the run to Swift Rapids lock. .

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