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July 16, 2004

Fenelon River

Downstream of Lock 34 to Sturgeon Lake
Downstream approach to Fenelon Falls
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Town of Fenelon Falls

Fenelon Falls

Approaching Fenelon Falls from the south Sturgeon Lake narrows rapidly after mile 152.5 where the channel is close to due north as lake becomes the Fenelon River. To the east there are comfortable homes with well kept lawns, while to the west Wychwood Lodge and Cottage Resort 705) 887 3422 is the only marine facility below the lock. They have more than adequate depth along their wall but downtown will be a brisk 10 or 15 minute walk. They have a small store which provides essentials but little else.

approaching Fenelon Falls from the south

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Shortly downstream of mile 153, after you pass Wychwood, the channel will make an abrupt turn to the N.W., with N 15 on the west bank of the waterway. At this point the channel narrows down quickly with the Fenelon River banked by high limestone walls with little additional room for large vessels. The entire area has a 10 kmh SPEED RESTRICTION ZONE

Correction We have the following report July 2004:
I have a damaged propeller to prove that there is a large rocky shelf at the downstream end of that dock. There are no markings along the dock about depth. There are also two rocks in the middle of the dock, a little deeper and jutting out a little less far, but a deeper draft or twin-screw vessel might need to know about them. The rest of the dock I sounded with a boat hook, at arm's length from the dock, at five to six feet. The water is deepest at the upstream end, where the gas pump is .

As you make a downstream approach to Fenelon Falls take care as the high wall and limited width restrict your view, watch for down bound boats indicating that a lock full is on its way and be prepared to squeeze right looking for a space on the blue line. The deep cut of the old Lock 33 walls produces a forbidding approach to the lock when approaching from downstream.

downstream approach to Fenelon Falls

Lock 34 was formerly a flight lock consisting of locks 33 and 34, the designation lock 33 now refers to the Lindsay Lock on the Scugog River. Not that it is important to the cruiser to instantly know where each lock is found within the system. Lock 33 is not on the main channel only providing access to Lake Scugog thus is not counted or numbered as a main Trent-Severn System lock.

close up of lock 34

Fenelon Falls is another very popular stopping off point for boaters, unfortunately there is not a lot of docking room at the lock. On the downstream side there are some places on both sides of the port entrance wall to the lock, the noise from the falls is quite loud and worse on far west, exposed side. If you consider the short, blue line on the north lock wall remember it is for those waiting for the lock and CAUTION is ADVISABLE as the current is strong off the dam and gusts off the high channel walls can turn an afternoon squirley in a hurry.

Lock 34 Fenelon Falls

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 34 153.5 247 24' 120' 8' Starboard

Fenelon Falls Winds can catch you

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Town of Fenelon Falls

Feeenneelon Falls Marina

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