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Cameron Lake

As the last of the burbs and pilings disiapear at mile 154 you enter Cameron Lake, which is about 4 miles long by 2 miles wide. The Lake is deep reaching 50 feet midway few hazards and making. Your course across the lake runs N.N.W. passing the souther tip of Deihl Point marked by N 28. Between the buoy and the point there is roughly 5' of depth. There is 2.5 miles of the lake to cross before Lighthouse Point where you re enter the canal to Rosedale.

On the south west side just to the west of downtown Fenelon Falls is Fenelon Falls Marina for more information see the Fenelon Falls page.

Fenelon Falls Marina

With Fenelon Falls lock often being bust this may be a good opportunity to anchor out. At the Fenlon Falls downstream end there is a good anchorage on the east side of Deihl Point where you can tuck in within 20; of the shore from the wind in the lee before crossing with 17' or more depth, watch for a rock at the end of the bay with less than 4' of depth.

If you choose to explore the lake Sackett Bay is to the west with good depth with the exception of a rock located on the 7 foot line N.E. of Martin Creek. Watch for bleach bottle markers. On Sackett Bay west shore is Sunny Acres Resort (705) 887 3416 which can accommodate a few smaller boats of under 20 feet and less than 5' of draft. The camp ground trailer park and its docks are mostly taken up with seasonal residents. They have rental boats, fishing supplies a small grocery beach playground and launch ramp.

There is not much for the transient boater on Cameron Lake but plenty of day boaters from the cottages that line most of its shore. There are a couple of other anchorages. If you follow the west shore line from Sackett Bay to McFarland Bay leave a good distance from you to the shore as there is a shoal extending some distance offshore in an easterly direction.

McFarland Bay offers an other anchorage which is best considered for a lunch stop as highway 35 runs close to the shoreline making it noisy. The bay is fairly deep for roughly half is length with depths of more than 10' then shoaling gradually toward the entrance of Pearns Creek.

IF you want to anchor at the north end of the lake you can find a spot in either Fells Bay or Cranberry Bay which are separated by Boyd Island (the largest & closest to shore) and Rathbun Island which have depths of roughly 5' surrounding them. There will usually be a fleet of fishing boats here so approach slowly.

canal east of lock 35 to Cameron Lake

Following the main channel to Lighthouse point you pick up the channel markers at N 29 & N 30before curving around Lighthouse Point and the entrance to the canal to Rosedale. There is a fixed light on lighthouse point with the north side of the entrance marked by N 36. From here it is a wide straight ditch to lock 35 and Rosedale.

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