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Lake Simcoe Cook's Bay

Cooks Bay Lake Simcoe

Cook's Bay and the Holland River create this section of Lake Simcoe stretching south for 11 miles. The Holland river's west branch has navigable water upstream to Highway 11 in the town of Bradford. Cook's Bay is approximately 8 miles long and at its widest point about 3 miles across. South of Roches Point to a roughly the Maskinonge River has depth of over 10' to 40' with shoal areas near the shore.

When entering Cook's Bay, behind Snake Island is the small community of Island Grove which has a public dock and marina. This is the closest shore point for residents of Snake Island. The water surrounding the government dock tends to be shallow and not suitable for cruising boats.

Island Grove Marina (905) 989 1606 is found here but caters to fishing boats and again is unsuitable for larger boats.

CAUTION: if proceeding west across Cook's Bay from the Snake Island gap watch out for Cook's Bay Shoal which is in the middle and a nasty rock with 2' of water. The shoal is marked by SS16 with a quick flashing (QR) red light. If you head for Cook's Bay and the Holland River watch for a shoal area extending outward from Roches Point which has a 4' depth.

To explore the west shore Cook's Bay click here.

A bit of history created after the war of 1812. In 1822 Sir Perigrene Maitland Lieutenant-Governor purchased Roches Point and tried to promote the area as a new capital of Upper Canada. His idea was short lived as he was transferred back to England.


44° 13.55' N 79° 28.76'W

Headed south Keswick is the next port along this stretch with a marina in the small bay south of Ferguson Point along Keswick Beach. Keswick its self is further south at the Maskinonge River.

Keffer's Marina 474 4161 is found just south of Orchard Beach and can be identified by the private white and orange markers maintained by the Cook's Bay Yacht Club. Their is not much water here with less than 3'. For fisherman there is gas here offering outboard repairs and a dinner.

Keswick is located on the Maskinonge River on the east shore of Cook's Bay. It now has become a thriving town with a population of over 20,000 complete with the infrastructure you would expect. There are a number of marina's and yacht clubs whom are the center of the community. The harbour entrance is marked by a light flashing Quick Yellow SQ2 (QY) at the end of a long break wall which parallels the watch for of Crates Marina which extends into the lake. The narrow channel into the river its self is to the south of this break wall. Older versions of chart's does not show Crates Marina and only indicate a harbour under construction.

On entering the harbour channel is Dawson's located to starboard. Dawson's Marina is at the end of the break wall you will find Crates Marina dead ahead.

Crate's Marina (905) 476-4552 ( 800) 814-7826 now dominates the Keswick waterfront. This is another substantial marine facility. They have transient docks allocated among the 500 Docks total with a depth up to 8' and 60' in length. If you have problems when in this area Crate's offer response towing services emergency prop and shaft work with divers who can save you a haul out. If you do need to haul they have two travel Lifts to 35 tons and factory trained technicians. Facilities include 30 AMP power, gas, pumpout, pool, playground, showers, washrooms, laundramat, B & B, snack bar, store and water.

Above Carte's the Lake Simcoe Yacht Club on a channel running off to starboard. Lake Simcoe Yacht Club. Keswick Marine ( 905) 476-434 has 115 Docks and 8' of depth 38' length with 30AMP Shore Power, gas, pumpout, washrooms, showers, a motel, restaurant and stores.

Above this point a highway bridge with a clearance of 5 feet restricts access to e two marinas catering to smaller vessels.

Back in Cook's Bay further south along the east shore their are several marinas marked however the depth from here south is less that 3' excluding the area for cruising boats. I will note them for the fishermen as fishing should be good near the edge of the drop off. They are Glenwood Marina in Miami Beach, and Beverley Isles is Cook's Bay Marina.

Most cruising boats will be interested in the other shore dominated by the mouth of the Holland River which we will cover on this page.

Cook's Bay West Shore


Photo of west side of Cooks Bay looking north from Monto Reno to Little Cedar Point
Lake Simcoe Marine's silver roofs to left

We will pick up here on the west side of Cook's Bay and begin roughly opposite of Snake Island. CAUTION: if proceeding west across Cook's Bay from the Snake Island gap watch out for Cook's Bay Shoal which is in the middle and a nasty rock with 2' of water. The shoal is marked by SS16 with a quick flashing (QR) red light.

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The west shore line has 2 bays opposite from Roches Point, the most northerly is bounded to by Big Cedar Point to the north and has no marinas or places of interest.

Innisfail Paark Lake Simcoe Marine

South of this bay is a point which gives way to another bay south of Bell Ewart which has a government dock, where there are three marinas. Closest to Bell Ewart is Lake Simcoe Marine Ltd. (18) (705) 456-3131 who hs a few transient slips for boats below 26' and 5' draft. There are 92 docks, and 62 covered slips. Facilities are a launch ramp, 2 Ton fork lift, playground, washrooms, cottages, boat rentals and a snack bar.

Innisfail Beach launch ramp


The next marina located in the middle of the bay is Monto Reno Marina (17) (705) 456 2122 which is a up-scale full service marina for boats to 45, 6' depth and either open or covered slips. Services include gas, aviation fuel, pump out, shore power, a marine store, fishing boat rentals,repairs, launch ramp, 10 ton travel lift, 8 ton fork lift, Playground, showers, washrooms, snack bar, and a licensed restaurant with patio.

Lefroy Harbour Resorts Inc. (16) (705) 456 2120 they do have transient facilities with 6' depth and able to accommodate boats up to 60'. Facilities include gas, diesel, 30 AMP power, complete service and repairs, 225 ton travelift, washrooms, showers, playground, showers, washrooms, laundramat, a pool, motel, and restaurant.

South from Lefroy is DeGrassi Point which has a sneaky rock close off the north tip. A little more less than 2 miles to the south in Gilford is Kon Tiki Marina 705-456-2339 (not shown currently) which should not be missed. They have 6' of depth and up to 40' length available to seasonal boats. Facilities include repair, Playground, showers, washrooms, camping, boat sales and a snack bar.

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Kontik1 Leftoy Harboour Resorts
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Monto Reno entrance Monto Reno Restaurant
Big Bay Point entraance Lefroy Harbour

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