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Holland River South

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Cooks Bay Lake Simcoe

The Holland River and the famous Holland Marshes are found at the southern tip of Cooks's Bay on the west side. The Holland River channel is marked by a green flashing light, marker SS19. Above here the channel narrows between SS21 and SS22 and leads between markers SS23 SS24 before curving west between past SS26 and marker SS27 on the east shore. Above here a 6 mph SPEED CONTROL ZONE starts balance of the channel.

You want to stay mid-channel upstream to the first bend marked by SS29 and SS31 as there is water swallows to the east. We will not bother to describe the channel above here sa it winds around and is clearly marked.

About .75 miles further you are into the marsh area marked by SS34, SS36, SS38. You will reach a fork in the river just upstream of SS39 followed by the bifurcation bouy SA which marks the Holland River West Branch

Continuing up the west fork the river has an average of 7' depth mid channel past SA2. A mile upstream from the bifurcation point there is a marina on the your port side.

Above this point it is about a 3 mile to the town of Bradford and Highway 11 which is as far as you go here. Bradford has two marinas are located on the east shore just near the highway.

Holland River East Branch

Channel markers continue the SS series along the East Branch of the Holland River up to River Drive Park. Again this is river driving, and a waste of time to cover marker by marker as you require a chart to operate safely.

There are several marinas located in the River Drive Park area. Please excuse us during construction as we have not investigated the facilities adequately at this stage to offer accurate information.

Transient docks is available at Albert's Marina (905) 836-4125 which has 300 Docks, 7' of water,length 60', 30 AMP power, diesel, gas, pumpout.


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