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Town of Hastings Lock 18

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Hastings Town wall

Lock 18 Hastings

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 18 51 82.3 9' 155' 8' Starboard
Useful Phone Numbers
Area Code   ( 705)
Police 1-888   310 1122
Chamber of Commerce   696 3226
Municipal Office   653 1900
Lock #18 Phone   696 2864
Hastings Marine   696 2366
Hastings Norwood Taxi   595 1212
Way point Mile 51 east entrance of Lock 18
44 ° 18.52 N   77 ° 57.23 West

Hastings Lock #18 is right downtown and a favorite stop. When we stopped we stayed below the lock as it was further from the park like area above and Edgar likes to fish, swearing below lock is better. The lock itself is on the north side of the river with a highway bridge on it upstream end.

The road bridge above the lock is operated at the same time as the lock as there is only 5 feet of clearance with adequate room so that it does not pose a problem.

Lock 18

We in fact spent a couple of days in hasting this last time having ended up there on the fated September 11th which gave us a chance to get to know the town a bit. Rather than take up space here we will give Hasting its own page here.

Anyone who spends a few days in Hastings soon learns the local night to get together is tuesday night when they have their auction at the legion hall. This is where all the locals show up to buy barter and generally socialize, and they are very sociable.


The town of Hastings has a new Municipal Marina that is typical of an Ontario qualified facility. The town and its residents have extended their hospitality and charm to this facility makng this a great in town stop. At this time we will refer you directly to their web site until we review the facility later in the year.

There is indeed the old Hastings Marine which does have rental boats and some seasonal dockage. In fact Hastings marine has moved to the outskirts of town and all that is left riverside is the docks and the vacuum molder for their k yacks and canoe's. With that said do not get me wrong the folks are very helpful if you need a part or some help, they are just not a waterway marina anymore.

fishing at hastings

To stay in Hastings you have two choices above or below the lock. We chose below as the fishing was better and other than the occasional dog there is a now abandoned town house complex which is great cat turf. Space below the lock is limited and there is not space for more than a few boats there in the busy season. The washrooms are at the lock house which makes quite a walk if you are not self contained.

Hastings town wall

Above the lock there is a concrete channel which runs beside the dam and past the road bridge at the west end on the lock. The bridge is operated in conjunction with the lock and is no problem to boats transiting with the exception that they leave it open as short a time as possible as this is the main road through town.


You will find a much prettier and spacious wall above the lock which is part of the waterfront park, depending on your feeling about being on the local pomade. From the upper wall Front street is steps away, the liquor store is perhaps 200 feet, a convince store, Royal Bank, and several restaurants all within a block of your tie up. North along Bridge Street perhaps 2 blocks is a full sized Valumart.

Hastings Tackle

Hastings has a population of 1,100 is without doubt a farm town and in spite of local efforts, developer greed seems to have gotten the better of development. The mentioned town house marina complex is as dead as anything I have seen and no seem to expect it to be revived in the forseeable future. The good point is everything is close.


Fishing is very popular in Hastings and in a couple of days we saw some impressive catches from the wall and the lock. The dam appears to be a favorite spot under the spillways . However the one given is that Hastings does have the fish store for the avid fisherman. Hastings Bait and Tackle has what you need.


La gondola is found on the north side of the bridge steps from the bridge. It is an all purpose pizzeria Italian restaurant with a shady licensed patio. Prices are good and the staff work hard making your visit pleasant, the menu is pretty much what you would expect.

Doddsy's can be found east of Bridge Street on Front street beside the bolling lane. All you need do is follow the cars as it is popular with the local residents. They specialize in breakfast 7 days a week are licensed and with the exception of a TV (no sports on Sept 12th) did not remind me of a sports bar. They do not serve dinner on sunday or monday.

Next to the beer store is Sheila's which seems to cater to the take out with burger, chicken, fries, Ice Cream traffic and very convent to the upper wall. If you want a walk you can cross the bridge to the Blue Herron Restaurant for some low fat Bison burgers and home baking. Opposite in the newer storefront mall is a good donut shop and video rental.

La Gondola

If you need to go any further there is no taxi in town but Hastings Norwood Taxi 595 1212 is reasonable and arrives pretty quickly with fixed rates. The is bus service to Peterborough from the post office which is also on Front Street on thursdays.

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