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Hastings to Rice Lake

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Lock 18 Hastings to Rice Lake
T 371 HAstings

From Hastings to Rice Lake is six and a half miles. The channel is straight foreword. immediately above the Hasting lock you will pass midstream between the T371 & T372 day markers which sit atop concrete islets. The channel is well marked however twists and bens over the next mile as you leave Hastings behind. As you round the bend just downstream from mile 52 (83.7 km) there is a railway swing bridge which is normally open.

Canadian National Railway Swing Bridge

ID Mile Kilometers clearance Normal Position
CNR RR Bridge 52 84 8' Open

Marina facilities between Hastings and Rice Lake are geared for the afternoon fisherman be that a resident or one of the many summer residents of the extensive trailer park's that have developed around the lake.

Sunny Mead Cottages ( 1 ) near mile 55 , a mile east of Ouse River has nothing for the passing boaters in spite of it showing as a marina on the current charts.

T 414 Cameron Point

Stony Point Trailer Park (705) 696 2107 is found on the north side of the river by Stony Point. There is 5 feet of water along the dock with some transient facilities for those under 24'. The park has the normal camp ground convince store and a good range of recreation facilities including boat rentals.

(2) Twin Cedars Cottages (705) 696 3127 is on the south shore just downstream from Cameron Point in Morrow Bay. They can be spotted by their Canada USA flags and sign. Once again not for bigger boats with a maximum size of 35 feet and 7 foot draft with 15 or 30 amp power. They rent cottages, boats and have a convince store for the trailer park.

Cameron Point Trailer Park

On the north shore opposite Morrow and Webb Bay is Holiday Pines Three Seasons Estates. You can not miss the trailers which stand out tier on tier concerning both Cameron Point and marked on charts with the Cameron Point Marina. separated by the estuary of the Ouse River from the Yet another trailer park is on the other side of the Ouse River next point east.

Rice Lake got its name for the huge wild rice beds that early native peoples harvested. the lake is roughly 20 miles long and three miles wide making it the second largest lake in the Trent Severn system. For those of you headed upstream into the Otanabee River and Peterbourgh. we will cover the direct route first. However the more we explored the more there is to this shallow lake with a multiple of smaller established harbours.

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Marinas on Rice Lake
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