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Bobcaygeon West

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Buckeye Tourist and Sporting Enterprises located at the locks northern end and offered limited dockage or 2 to 3' of depth, with power boat rentals, accommodation, groceries and gas. On the N.E. end of the lock is the Canal Restaurant which is licensed and also offers limited dockage and 4' of depth with 15amp power, water picnic area and groceries.

Upstream entrance to Lock 32

There is mooring above the lock on both sides depending on traffic all the mooring spaces get bust very early and locating a spot can be difficult. As you exit the channel to Lock 32 you enter a wider portion of the river formed by the dam to the north and narrow park strip to the south. South of the park is a townhouses development which gives way to a gentle sandy bay with a popular public beach.

Bobcaygeon public beach

CAUTION: mid river above the dam there is a overhead cable with 13' vertical clearance terminating at C 362. There are also often a large number of small craft and house boats which may exhibit poor seamanship in the area.

Public marina

Bobcaygeon has a small public marina is situated immeadiatley to the west of the beach which is L shaped and entered from the east end. The public warf is 75' long approximatley 2.5' above the water having depths of roughly 3' along its sides.

mid river cottage

Bobcaygeon has long been a summer destination for the larger cities and one its more unique features is the funky cottages which are perched on every available island.providing a nautical flavor to town.

From here the river widens but is shallow outside the marked channel. Cruicing boats are advised to pass carefull between the string of 6 markers numbered C 361 to C 366 which guide you past alternative 2' and 3' shallows to either side of the channel. At mile 138.8 west end of the inner basin is bounded by Cottage point to the north and the parkland which seperates Little Bob Channel to the south. to the south. Again this is bust water and the available channel is narrow as it bends south passing betweeen C 367 & C 368. At mile 139 C 369 & C 370 there is a rock located of the west tip of south shore with less tha 2' fvailable even though the majority of the water hold more depth somewhat outside the channel itself.

Center Point Landing

C 376 is a FIR marker with the perefered channel passing to its south. Directly north is Center Point Landing 738 3463. If you are downbound from the lake you should proceed to C 376before starting your approach as there is a rock with only 5' depth at datum directly north of C 374 The first marina on Sturgeon Lake itself, on the north shosre and can be identified by the yellow roofed buildings.

Departing Bobcaygeon headed west there is speed control channel extending upstream for about 1.25above the lock. There is also an area to the north of C 361 and C 362 which is too shallow for most cruising boats. For larger craft there is bay south of C 363 and C 364 suitable anchoring with limited dockage at the town docks on the south shore here. Stick to the channel until clear of C 373 and C 374

The waterway remains fairly narrow to Cottage Point located 0n the north shore at mile 139. Little Bob Channel turns east back to Bobcaygeon south of the waterway. It is not navigatable with a vertical clearance of County Road 24 low bridge with a clearance of only 2 ft .

At mile 139.3 on the north shore is Center Point Landing (705) 738 3463 which provides substantial facilities for larger cruising boats. The shorelines recede and there is a clear set of channel markers towards open water. There is a private channel the south leading into Birch Point.


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