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downstream of Lock 32 Bobcaygeon

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Lock 32 - Bobcaygeon

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 32 138.8 222.5 6' 140' 9' Starboard
Inside Lock 32 Bobcaygeon

Directly below Lock 32 there is another bright blue iron bridge with 35' of vertical clearance. The blue line is on the longer southern side while many transients look for a mooring on the slightly quieter island side.

Boulton St Bridge

Provisioning or plain recreational shopping abounds here. The majority of basic stores and service facilities are to the south of the lock located within a few blocks on Boulton Street where a big IGA provides supermarket priced (at least tourist) provisions, while the liquor store is 2 blocks south on King Street E. For handyman bits and pieces the hardware is on Joseph St.

Bobcaygeon hold a stream of events during the season and you might like to check out the Chamber of Commerce web site for the latest update. To shake off those sea legs on a nice day there are walking tours of historic homes with printed guides available at the lock.

Entertainment & Dining

Waterside food

There is more variety than you will have time if you want to eat out or stop for a drink in Bobcaygeon. I will start with my favorite Waters Edge Restaurant which is east along the boardwalk below the lock, almost opposite from Gordons Marina. If you are going to eat there, and there is space you can moor along the wall in front of the patio.

Waterside Restaurant

We always like it as security is not an issue and we travel in off season. They operate 6 days a week taking wednesday off and provide a interesting menu and great food. If you want to have dinner I would recommend making a reservation 738 1802 as it is popular.

El Torro restaurant

Close to the lock on Boulton St. is the El Torro which is far more american food than the name suggests. You will find it busy in the morning, but serves all day and one can usually find a place to sit with not too much problem.

Up Boulton St. is the Lock 32 Pub which serves pub food and breakfast along with grog and beer. In speaking of beer don't miss the Big Tomato which has a patio welcomes kids and serves bar style eats. For the tea Bobcaygeon Tearoom is close to the IGA and does makes its own products having a long standing reputation with locals you may have to wait for a seat.

I will finish off the downtown eating tour by mentioning my favorite Kawartha Dairy which is a good as Ben & Jerry ever dreamed is a 15 minute walk. For fish and chips King St. West sports Just for the Halibut with a regular menu as well.

Let us excuse the brevity of this page. Bobcaygeon, as recreation destination is not yet complete. However, Cruising Canada is trying to finish the overall navigation portion of this On-Line Cruising Guide in time for the 2003 season. There has never been a private undertaking as extensive as this, and it will be another year before we can do justice to those businesses and facilities in the local areas. Fortunately the local Chamber of Commerce does have web sites and we will link them until our full destination digital data base is complete. Clicking the Kawartha Lakes Chamber of Commerce link will open a new browser window.

Kawartha Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Now it is time to lock through and proceed west upstream.

UP-STREAM Next lock Lock #32 Bobcaygeon Sturgeon Lake Pigeon Lake  DOWN-STREAM lock # 31 Buckhorn

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