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Lock 31 Buckhorn

Buckhorn Lock 31

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Lock 31 Buckhorn

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 30 120.7 194.3 11' 104' 6' Starboard

The final approach to Buckhorn from downstream west of mile 120. sees the channel narrow noticably as at passes between a series of islands and points. The depth in channel remains good but being able to see approaching boats as you thread your way between the markers can be tricky.

Approaching from downstream and Lower Buckhorn Lake it is a short run after you make the final turn past Three Castles Resort to the south and bay which is home to Sunrise resort to the north. Buckhorn averaged the third highest lock-through boat count and as with all these Kawartha locks space fills up fairly early in the day.


Buckhorn Phone Numbers (705)
  Lock 31 Buckhorn     (705) 675 8725
  Peterborough Health Center     (705) 743 3288
  Buckhorn Tourist Association     (705) 657 3288
  Buckhorn Yacht Harbour     (705) 657 8752
  Oak Bay Resort     (705) 657 8872
  Sunrise Resort     (705) 657 8713
  Three Castles Resort     (705) 657 8733

Buckhorn has very nicely landscaped parks both above and below the lock. Perhaps more important if you are up bound you are right in the middle of Buckhorn with provision and eateries within a block or two. We would recommend the upstream side which is somewhat isolated from shore gawkers as tourists at least have a short walk across the bridge to reach it. Downstream is smaller but equally pretty with both sides having picnic tables and BBQ's.

Buckhorn Dam

If you do choose to tie up on the center island upstream and have kids you need to be careful of the fast water above the dam as the collection of debris collected along the safety wires that cross close above it testify. If you like to fish we watched a couple of anglers having good success in the pond above the dam.

On Shore

Buckhorn namesake

The lock sports a life sized statue its namesake in the small park which separate's the lock house and the parking lot.

Franks Bait and Tackle

Most facilities are to be found along Lakehurst Road which follows the northern side of the lake. If you need more substantial building supplies there is a big Pro Hardware which caries boating stuff, on the south side of the bridge just past Three Castles Resort. You will also find a large Foodland grocery store along the highway not far south of the Pro Hardware. You will also find Franks Bait and Tackle shop just downstream of the dam on the south side with rental boats.

Cody Inn

Perhaps 400 yards up the hill and across the road from the lock is the Cody Inn which is the largest of Buckhorns buildings and looking positively in keeping with the resort atmosphere with its red roofs and white walls with balconies. They offer both chinese and american food with licensed areas for lunch and dinner.

We will discover Buck horn in much the same way as most boaters starting from the lock outward. Just up the hill out of sight somewhat hidden by Cody Is the Liquor Store, which back on Lakehurst Road proper there is a good variety of shops and stores to occupy an afternoon.


On the up stream side the Main Street Landing Pub & Restaurant has steps leading to the waters edge where there is roughly 4 feet of depth. They have a wide menu as one would anticipate from a upscale pub and the food was good and beer cold as the early spring sun warms you on the patio beside the lock.

Fish and Chips

To the opposite side of the street is a popular and well priced Fish and Chip Shop smartly painted in blue and white. While next door is the Buck horn Bakery and Restaurant located in a log building. You will see a lot of cottage style art and souvenirs as the Buck horn Art Festival has been a August tradition for two decades.

Continuing up the street you find a general store, a couple of antique shops and the Pizza shop at the bend in the road. For those of your needing to check your E-Mail there is a Community Access Point "CAP" in the library and small police station just around the corner of Lakehurst Road where anyone can use a computer with internet access.

buckhorn Bakery

Above Lock #31 Buck horn lake stretches approximately 9 miles from the lock to Gannon Narrows where the channel leads into Pigeon Lake. As with Lovesick Lake Buck horn is weedy so stay in the channels or be prepared for a swim to clear a prop or worse.

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