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Lovesick Lake

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Lovesick Lake and Lower Buckhorn Lake aweigh you upstream from Lock 28. The roughly 8 miles of this stretch of waterway are beautiful with the familiar rocky islands and islets which are a trademark feature of this area. Facilities for the transient are very limited catering to cottagers and smaller day boats.

Lovesick Lake and Lower Buckhorn Lake

Close above lock 28 on the dam (south) side in Spencers Bay is Lovesick Lake Park (1) (705) 654 3587 and camp ground with limited dockage for boats of under 21 feet and good depth towards the end of the docks. THe facilities are tailored to the camper with a beach, playground launching ramp and pay phones.

Strickers Resort (2) (705) 654 3547 is just past Lovesick Lake Campgrounds and can handle boats up to 24 feet with a HD trailer for haul out of boats under 19 feet. They do offer limited dockage with 15 amp power (on selected docks) washrooms, showers, laundry, phones, picnic, playground and a beach and playground.

The main Channel favours the north shore above lock 28 as it winds just north of Ruba Island between a group of small islands turning gently south to pass west of Scow Rock as shown below.

east end of Lovesick Lake

As we enter the Kawartha Lakes showing tree cover and rock islands in the dark colors bothers me. So yet more divergent graphic modification, please offer up your 2 cents.

Lovesick Lake is 2 miles west of Burleigh Falls and has no road access requiring lock keepers to use boats to get to work. Remember you are now in the busy section of the waterway and at Lovesick Lock in particular it is not uncommon for all the tie-up spaces to be taken soon after the locks open for the day. Tie-up is strictly limited to 24 hours because of the demand. There are washrooms at the lock and camping is permitted on Millage Island either at the bottom or top of the lock itself but there is no trash collection here so you must take away all that you bring.

Lovesick Lake Lock 30

Lovesick Lake Lock Lock 30

To the west side of the lock is Wolf Island aka Wolf Island Provincial Park where development is non existent. There are trails and unofficial camping spots but other than a comfy glade and some pine needles there is not an outhouse or picnic table to be seen.

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 30 114.8 185.28 4' 140' 6' Starboard

Once above Lovesick Lake Lock you are in Lower Buckhorn Lake which is long and narrow except for Deer Bay which comprises almost half the lakes navigatible water to the south of the group of islands beginning with Wolf Island to the east and the Three Islands to the west end. As you exit the lock you are heading SW and make a jog to the west at mile 115.

Deer Bay Marina (3) (705) 654 3641 where the ESSO sign can be seen as you round into Lower Buckhorn Lake on the south shore approximately south of mile 115.5 where you make your approach from C251. Deer Bay Marina can handle vessels of up to 65 feet with 6 feet of draft available along the substantial gas dock which parallels the shore. The lake is narrow and the solid concrete dock allows for wake to rebound making it potentially rough for anyone at the dock so get the fender out and well positioned as someone will storm on through kicking up a wake. There is limited protected dockage behind the wall for up to 8 transient boats with 8 permanent covered slips.

Service is dock side with a heavy trailer for haul out of boats under 25 feet. Repair services cover inboard, outboard, and I/O drives for most makes. They can also help with minor fiberglass repairs and a decent small marine supply. Gas, 15 amp power, washrooms, showers, laundry beach and playground.

Beachwood Resort (4) (705) 657 3481 is on the west side of Deer Bay with transient docks for 2 30 foot boats and a depth of 4 feet. Operating as a cottage hotel resort they rent boats, motors and supply bait tackle and have a licensed dining room serving all day. They have 15 amp power, showers, laundry, tennis, beach, playground, and a concrete launch ramp.

Reach Harbour (5) (705) 657 8747 Mile 118.5 has a privately buoyed entrance with a easy to use gas dock offering gas or pump outs. Depths alongside the gas dock range between 4.5 and 5 feet with slip depths maxing out a 8 feet. This is a well developed facility for cruising boats with haul out up to 8 tons and 36 feet and full repair facilities. THey have 70 seasonal slips and 10 transient slips. There is 15 & 30 amp power, pressure lake water (non drinking) dock side.

small islands west of Pearsons Head and the Westwind

If continuing toward Buckhorn this view to the west provides a glimpse of how substantial the small islands along the shore really are. Unless you know your way keep to the channel or approach the Westwind Inn directly from the channel.

Westwind Inn

Westwind Inn on The Lake (6) (705) 657 8095 is on the north shore of the reach roughly mile 119 and can be a bit hard to spot because it is set back among the trees. Making its fame a s a couples resort the ambience is romantic with in room fireplaces and jacuzzi's and a full range of recreation facilities from hiking, or paddling, in the pool or lake. You channel marker turn off point is C 276 where you make a turn north to the docks. You can't miss the comfortable looking lodge with its brown roof. Visit their Website in a new browser window

Westwind docks looking east

One of the lovely feature of this fine establishment are the docks which have comfortable benches on so you can enjoy the scenery. The major attraction for visiting boaters is the non smoking dining room which overlooks the lake and has an eclectic menu of 6 course gourmet meals covering a wide gambit of taste from fresh fish to salsa. Dress code is casual but adult with no provision for children.

Victoria Springs is a small community on the south shore half way between Buckhorn and Deer Bay. Marantha Marina is located here and offers depth of 3 to 5 feet dock side and 15 amp power to a couple of smaller boats.

Approaching Buckhorn from the east the Lower Buckhorn narrows with cottages and treed shorelines. Continuing west along Deer Bay Reach shortly after passing Johnston Point at roughly mile 119.7, the red day marker C278 marks rocks to the north of the channel; some you see - some you don't.

Buckhorn is traditionally one of the busiest locks with in excess of 8000 boats passing through the lock lately. The channel leading to Buckhorn and the lock is narrow ,so keep as far right as practical. When the lock opens in the summer there is a wave of traffic.

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