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Buckhorn Lake

Deer Bay
UP-STREAM Next lock Lock #32 Bobcaygeon  DOWN-STREAM lock L 31 Buckhorn Harrington Narrows Lake Chemong

West or up stream of Lock 31

Buckhorn Lake If you want to see more pictures and over the coming years a review of marina facility, a complete breakdown of their facilities just click their name which is link to the full marina facility listing page. The MARINA LISTINGS usually have 2, or three more pictures and more information on the marina.

Marinas on Buckhorn Lake

As you can see there are many options as to a destination within this area. The long established summer communities skirt the shore without denying a secluded anchorages. IF you have a schedule to make the passage it is your loss. Consider some of the less traveled lakes that are accessible from here. Run south to Lake Chemong with its rolling farmland, or poke northward into the wilder Canadian Shield portion.

C 291 shoal above lock 31

CAUTION SHOAL: Once above Lock 31 or if you are down bound lock C291 marks a 2' shoal area close off the channel above the dam,many a boater has supported local prop shops thinking that it would be easy to venture out into the wide expanse of water rather than kibitzing in line while waiting for the lock. If it is too busy and you require room stay clear of the area around the island and there is fair 9 ' water once you get west to C 294 & C295

More aboout the marina here

For more complete information on marina's on this page please visit.

(1) Oak Bay Resort (705) 657 8872 close above the lock at mile 121 is the cottage resort of Oak Bay which has occasional transient dockage for small transient boats of less than 20 feet. There is a 5 foot channel marked by floating balls that you can see when abreast of the dock. However they are not well equipped for transients and the docks may be full so call ahead.

(2) Buckhorn Yacht Harbour (705) 657 8752 More aboout the marina here

Buckhorn Yacht Harbour

Approximately a kilometer west of the lock past a small island is the major transient and service facility Buckhorn Yacht Harbour. Soon after you leave the lock you can see the Petro Canada signs at the fuel dock from Buckhorn Lake the large covered slip buildings stand out.

Depth at the gas dock is 6 feet and they can usually provide space for 15 transient vessels. For a more complete information visit the marina section here. Due to its traffic reservations are highly recommended. The entrance to the inner basin is through a break in the seawall which can be hard to see in windy weather.

Continuing our course westward, toward Buckhorn Narrows and the main body of Buckhorn lake.

Buckhorn Narrows

With the exception of weeds most of the lake surrounding the channel has acceptable depth until you come abreast of Brown Point at G C299 where there is a 4 foot shoal south of the channel. Passing Greenwood Island to the south you enter Buckhorn Narrows at mile 123 where the channel takes a well marked bend to the southwest avoiding numerous rocks too shallow to think about getting any closer than necessary to. It is well marked and I would not think of talking anyone through the narrows without a chart.

Once clear of the narrows at R C310 you have roughly a three mile run with no markers close to the channel as your course lies approximately 201 ° T rounding northward of Scotsman Point marked by R C312 where shoals come out a fair distance from shore to the south of the point. As you round Scotsmans Point to the west, there are two marinas on the north shore.

More aboout the marina here Scotsman Point Resort (705) 657 8630

Scotsmans Point

Scotsman Point tends to be more of a day stop for afternoon tea than a transient stop due to its limited draft but remains popular a land accessed resort. The proximity to the main channel allows the adults who collect on the shore watching over children to follow the procession of various craft passing. by on the horizion.

You should call ahead for reservations as space is very limited. The older white building which houses the office behind the gas dock has undergone many incarnations and it various addetions and overhhangs make it easy to spot from the channel.

Scotsman Point Resort

When we visited Scotsman Point Resort in mid June thebeach was already full of dozen of kids having a wonderfull time in the crescent shaped bay on which the resort is located.

CAUTION: Remember the rocky shoal that extends off Scotsman Point for a considerible distance. Six Foot Bay Resort is found a short 0.25 mile to the west of Scotsmans Point.

The Six Foot Bay Resort & Golf course (705) 657 8788 marina portion consists of a large land filled spit with a L shaped breakwater. The primary dockage is located within a L shaped breakwater to the west of a small island perhaps 40 from the shore and connected with a raised bridge to allow smaller boats to use the inner slips.

Six Foot Bat Resourt

This facility is well equipped for as big boats as waterway permits. When our chart reads everything for services it pretty much sums up the operation. They have your requirements covered. The channel in can be a bit dicey but if you have trouble give them a call. Ashore, Six Foot Bay Resort continues to outgrow its descriptions as more is added. The various cuildings are set in beautiful landscaping creating an idilic panaroma from whatever vantage point your choose.

If you like to golf dig your clubs out as this is one very nice 18 hole golfcourse having a par of 72. The links wind through the neetley landscaped grounds with considerible attention to enjoyable details and a challanging course.

Six Foot Bay golf course

The entire resort spreads out over gently rolling terrain with neat paths connecting the fairways and facilities. The main clubhouse is positioned centeraly beside a pond with a beach.


Pioneer Park is on the south shore, roughly opposite Scotsmans Point south east of buoy C 312 is From the water you can observe the Turbo Gas sign for some distance. There are privatley maintained Lights are located along the breakwater of Pioneer Park.

As you approach you will be able to make out the large substantial dockage spit easily visible. They get busy so call ahead when you get there check at restaurant for slip assignment.

You will turn a little further north her to 213 ° T skirting R C314 and the small island to the north-west one foot of depth and a rock lie between the marker and the point. By mile 126.3 bifurcation buoy GRG CH marks the main channel angling SE into Chemong Lake.

Buckhorn Lake

Buckhorn Lake Anchorage

There is a good fair weather anchorage south of the main channel just to the east of Flat Island and Seaweed Island with an average depth of 8 feet with mud for a bottom making it ideal. You will find the houseboaters often beach their craft or run them against the shore of Seaweed Island.

Gannon Narrows

To follow the CH Channel and explore to Lake Chemong go here !

Leave the CH marker to your south for the main channel to Gannon Narrows passing as you pass between C317 and C318.

CAUTION: mile 127.5, C 319 & C 320 to east and C 321 & C 322. There is a narrow dredged cut between Nichol and Fox Islands, passing close north of Fox Island to the south of Rotterstone Island. There are low banks of earth and rock beside the channel. There is no space for large boats to pass safely within the cut.

By the COLREGS a down steam vessels (up-bound against the current) have right of way. If approaching from the east give way and wait until the way is clear.

Once Rottenstone Island is behind you the channel bends somewhat to approximately 238°T which angles you toward Kishgo and Morresy Islands on the approach to Gannon Narrows. The series of markers lies along a course of marker will lead you through the potentially awkward weed beds roughly mid way between Rotterstone and Kishgo and Morresy Islands.

The alternate channel south to Chemong Lake rejoins the main channel at bifurcation marker CE, mile 128.75. This channel passes to the south of Fox Island before rejoining the east channel off Harrington Narrows.

UP-STREAM Next lock Lock #32 Bobcaygeon  DOWN-STREAM lock L 31 Buckhorn Harrington Narrows Lake Chemong

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