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Ivy Lea

Ivy Lea

Canadian Hydrographic Charts 1438, 1439
Ivy Lee as seen from the east

Ivy Lee is situated a few kilometers west of the bridge and on the shore next to the Navy Islands.

Glen House Resort

Glen House Resort is approximately a mile west of Ivy Lea, due west of Cross Point ashore from Potato and Lancaster Islands. The depth is inadequate for deep keelboats and you will have to use the anchorage mentioned for Mulcaster Island which is between that island and Lancaster Island and use your dinghy should you wish to avail yourself of the dining rooms ambience and their fine food.

Ivy Lea Marina

The bay between Champagne and Weston Island is home to three marinas Pecks, River Rat and Williams Marine.

Should you be in need of repairs, Williams Marine specializes in mechanical and hull work. Pecks has limited draft, but has facilities and propane for boats with 4 to 6 feet of draft. If you draw more, then your choice should be River Rat Marine, where there is 8 feet of water which gets shallower by the gas dock limiting you to perhaps 5 feet.

Typical Canadian Customs House in the islands

In the Village of Ivy Lea itself resides Hollidays Afloat who may by chance have an empty dock available. The government dock has been relegated to an uncertain future with the calling in procedure so at last notice you can use the south side of it if available.

Ivy Lea provides a shore side recreation area and plenty of Marine facilities in the immediate area. Ivy Lea sits on the shore north of Ash Island. In days gone by the dock was used by the town of Landsdown located 3 miles inland from the shoreside developments.

Ivy Lea front dock

Originally Ivy Lea was home to two lodges catering to the tourist trade of the 19th century. Both still exist to this today. On Shipmans Point is the Ivy Lea Resort with its grey and white building. The Marina which has two docking areas and extensive facilities on both sides of the point. From the river the first is tucked behind a stone breakwall, and should be approached from the east end where there are no hazards and 7 feet of water up to the finger docks.

The second, which has a service area is on the north side of Shipmans Point and the channel is marked by private red and green cans. The facilities are extensive, complete with pool table and an excellent restaurant. All in all a good place to give the kids a break from cabins and islands.

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