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Western end of Lake Ontario

Humber Bay to Hamilton

Canadian Hydrographic Charts:
2077, 2085

8 Humber Bay Off Bay 43°36.20':N 79°26.65':W
7 Mimico .25 S 43°50.92':N 79°30.58':W
6 Lakeview off brkwall 43°33.72':N 77°33.37':W
5 Port Credit off entrance 43°32.80':N 79°55.65':W
4 Oakville off brkwll 43°26.31':N 79°39.92':W
3 Bronte off brkwll 43°23.55':N 79°42.32':W
2 Burlington Bouy H 43°18.58':N 79°46.48':W
1 Hamilton Buoy H 43°18.58':N 79°46.48':W

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Hamilton to

Canadian Hydrographic Charts:
2077, 2085

1 Hamilton Buoy H 43°18.58':N 79°46.48':W
2 50 Point off ent 43°16.32':N 79°37.33':W
7 Newport 0.25 N 43°14.25':N 79°41.06':W
3 Grimsby off entrance 43°12.20':N 79°33.07':W
8 Jordan Harbor off entrance 43°12.20':N 79°33.07':W
4 Pt. Dalhousie brk wall ent 43°12.72':N 79°15.85':W
5 Port Weller Canal entrance 43°14.75':N 79°13.00':W
6 Niagara river mouth 43°15.76':N 79°04.07':W

To northwestern Canadian shore, sailing southeastward from Humber Bay to Hamilton

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