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Lock 9 along Haig's Reach, on to Lock 12

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lock 9 to Campbellford

If you stopped at Meyers and are headed north you have another busy day ahead. The peacefulness of Meyers will have given you a chance to rest for the first of the step locks at #11 & 12 then you pass through Campbellford where you can find the best fuel prices on the waterway and the greatest selection of stores before Peterborough.


From Lock # 9 to #10 your course follows Haig's Reach this will be your first encounter with the old cribs used in logging days to control booms on their way downstream. Headed upstream from Meyers just before mile 27, the channel is to the east of T193 and T195 where you pass to the east of the first boom then to the west of the remainder of them along the reach. Watch the markers here as there are shallows that are hard to see before T198, at which point the river becomes much narrower.

The wooded banks are home to numerous species of wildlife which seem amused at the passing boats. Perhaps a half mile above Meyers lock is the home of Osprey which you will often find keeping an eye on you as you pass. The channel markers up to Lock #10 are easy to see. A service bridge having a clearance of 29 ft lies just downstream of the lock entrance.

Lock # 10

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 10 28 42.5 24' 155' 46 m 8' 2.46 m Port
downstream of Lock 10

Your approach to Lock # 10 is straight forward with the only possible problem being the greater turbulence to the west side than the east when they dump the lock. Your blue line is on the east shore with adequate space for quite a few boats. If you stop here we would advise you to stop above the lock, avoiding the turbulence.

Once above the lock the channel runs to the centre of the river with shallow water markers between you and the east bank. The section between # 10 and #11-12 is a quick 1.7 miles with the Ranney Falls step locks are located to the port or west side in an artificial cut.

Lock 11 Ranney Falls

You can see from the pictures how a flight lock works. Ranney Falls marks the first with the next a short run away at Healey Falls.

Don't let the size intimidate you. It can get a bit congested in season but listen to the directions and wait your turn as they move traffic in both directions simultaneously, stepping one bunch up while lowering the other. The lock water from the upper lock drains into the lower lock until they are equal at the mid-way point.

transfer between 11 and 12

It is not uncommon for someone to get edgy in the close space, and if there is a wind you need to keep your lines tight until the last moment, I promise. Once the gates are open the vessels transfer from one lock to the next.

When everyone is secured both locks continue on their way caring boats up or down. There is a bridge above lock 12 which is opened at the same time as the lock and is of no concern. The bridge carries quite a bit of traffic so it is appreciated if you clear the short space promptly.

looking south from lock 12

The top of the lock is a serious walk to Campbellford with nothing close by. It is however a convenient stop on the run south.


Waypoint off Old Mill Park Marina
44 ° 18.45 N   77 ° 48.00 West
lock 13 to Campbellford
Useful Phone Numbers
Area Code   ( 705)
Police 1-888   310-1122
Municipal Office   653 1900
Lock # 13 Phone   653 1984
MacMillan's   653 4355
Old Mill Park   653 1551

Ranney Falls Locks # 11 & 12 area roughly one mile east of downtown Campbellford. There is a park area which follows the waterway on the western shore with a jogging path. There is nowhere once you are upstream of the lock to stay until you reach downtown.

near Canadian tire

If you do not want to check into a marina and need something from Canadian Tire we found a convent section of wall on the west side just downstream of Tim Hortons where one can unofficially tie up long enough for a parts stop at Canadian Tire just across the road.



Cambelford offers two marinas if your taste runs to marinas. On the west bank with 6 to 8 feet of water, next to the Chamber of Commerce and Campbellfords huge tooney is the Old Mill Park. This is a municipally operated marina in the center of town with good depth along the wall. Your procedure is to find a spot if you can then check in with the Chamber of Commerce. There are 15 and 30 amp connections, wash rooms, water and picnic tables. However you are open to the river and wake.

On the east side also below the bridge is MacMillan's. There is no overnight dockage but at least 9 feet of water. The riverside sign reads MacMillan's Discount and they have a discount market with produce and other groceries. They do have gas diesel, propane, water, ice etc.
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Turners Gas

Passing under the bridge upstream on the west bank is Turners which is an ESSO station which also services both the road and waterway. They had the cheapest fuel we found on the waterway with gas, diesel,at roadside not water front prices, water, wash rooms, ice and a retaining wall.

Peterbourough Boats which lies above the bridge on the east bank. has a 10 ton travel-lift and antique wood boats and repair facilities. They do not,however, offer overnight dockage.

Cambelford River Inn is located above the town bridge on the east side of the river. You can easily see the yellow sign and grey building which has a floating T dock having a good 12 feet of water available for visiting boats. There is overnight dockage with special emphasis on visitors who take a room which includes free dockage for the boat. The Inn has a resort like atmosphere and facilities which include a swimming pool,whirlpools,fire pits, playground,and picnic area.

Shopping and dining

Most businesses are centred around the Bridge Street thoroughfare . The big three banks are on the east side of the river on Bridge street a block up, along with the IGA, post Office and Liquor store. Once you are there you will probably find Doohers Bakery which is a threat to any waistline and welcome addition to the galley supplies.

If you want a break from cooking Campbellford is a nice stop, as most eateries are fairly close and the cabs prompt in responding in peak season. At the time of writing we have yet to verify many claims and reports but anticipate providing a full report by the summer season as we pass through there fairly often these days.

We have breakfasted at Trish's Country Kitchen, which opens at 06:00 and is close to the east side dockages. Closest to the bridge and a fine evening break is the licensed Riverview Restaurant, overlooking the river on the east side at the corner of Front Street. For more serious drinking you may cross the street to the Front Street Bar and Grill which is open during typical bar hours. Chinese (not sampled) and appearing typical is north on Bridge with eat in or carry out.

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