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Lock 7 Glenn Ross to Blue Hole

Locks #7 to Lock #9

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upstream of Lock 7

Proceeding upstream from Glenn Ross. Glenn Ross Lock #7 Road Bridge with 3 ' vertical clearance runs immeadiatly to the south, or upstream of bridge. This bridge is of no concern as it is opened at the same time as the lock with both blue line areas outside of the effected area.

Once clear of the bridge, there is a concrete walled channel throug the mentioned nothing land where the down bound blue line on the west side. The entire section is just under a mile in length. At the south (upstream) end of short channel is a railroad swing bridge that I doubt has been closed for many years left in the open position. You have approximatly 11.5 miles before you reach Lock #8 at the west end of Percy's Reach.

Fragile Mile

As you leave the walled portion and enter the widning river watch for T91 and T92 markers identifing old pilings. For small outboard fishing boats with very limited draft the back channel, which seperates Wilson Island begins at T99. The main channel passes north east of March Point at mile 15 where the river narrows beside Wilson Island.

typical low cost summer

The channel follows the constrained river for the next 5.5 miles with scrubby shoreline and mostly unimpresive cottages. At approximatley mile 4.5 you enter the protected marsh area known as the "Fragile Mile" which is in fact part of the Keating Hoards Conservation Area. The entire area tends to always have small craft fishing and tied to low docks.

Island Park Marina

The river is prone to patches of weeds which you would do well to avoid if you can, if you notice her getting sluggish you can try backing down in reverse sharply before going over the side. The only facility in this portion is the Island Park Marina and campground located at mile 17.6 (613) 395 2522. there is gas and a convience store however there is only 2 to 3 feet of water beside the dock, which at least have soft bottoms for any one attempting to dock there.

inconsiderate fool

It is not a posted area however those who abuse it kicking up a wake are likley to be reported and be paid a visit by the OPP at the next lock, as this fellow was kicking out in front of us while downbound.

Fragile Mile marsh

By T 122, mile 18.4 the cottages become houses of German Landing on the south side which quickley drop away to the marsh again. Other than the weeds and small craft there are no dangers until you reach the west end of the island where there is a 5 foot nasty spot located to the south of the channel off T 129. From here the river opens to the eastern end of Percy's Reach

Blue Hole

The channel turns south at mile 21 T 134 skirting the southern side of Hickory Island. Again don't let the width fool you, you must pass between T137 and T138 as you start along the south shore of Hickory Island which is very narrow channel, watch for shoals encroaching on your port side. As you pass the small islet beside T139 is favorite anchorage called the Blue Hole. To enter the anchorage you must pass between T139 and this islet picking your way in to the desired location.

entrance to the Blue Hole

The main channel passes between the un-named islet and Hicory Island seperating the blue hole. As you can see from the picture of the entrance you are tucked between the islet and the marsh this is T 139 in forground with T 141 on the northern tip of the islet. You should be entering the anchorage from downstream of T 139 in the forground.

Blue hole seen from the west

Although the charts show a narrow passage to the Blue Hole from upstream (see photo left) there is a rock uncomfortably close to the islet point immeadiatly downstream of T 143. Personally, I have never seen anyone use it and would recommend continuing downstream and approaching as described above.

Blue Hole to Lock #8

Blue Hole to Lock #8

Percys Reach

As you depart the channel beside Hicory Island behind we noticed that the wind got a fair grab at us when headding out into the open of Percy's Reach. Blind channel lies to the north of Hicory Island and should be left to those with local knowledge.

Stony Island

As you cross Percy's Reach you leave Stony Island to the north. The run accross the remainder of the reach is just over a mile but you will see the headlands surrounding the lock well before you want to swing northward as T 178 , mile 24.9 holds the nasty Reach Rock immeadiatly to the north of the channel. The photograph is taken looking almost west from T 174 where you can just begin to see the markers on the headland prior to Lock #8.

Percys Reach

The only other anchorage is to the northeast of Jett Island in 7 to 9 feet of water. To reach it exit between T177 and T179, the area is largley clear except for an UNMARKED SHOAL of 3 feet almost in the center.

Lock 8 Percys Reach

As you round up to the lock entrance the landscape changes from the low scrub and marsh that you have been in so far to wooded hills. Lock #8 is set back a bit from Percy's Reach with the blue line to the NNE side. Ther is a shoal to the south of the south finger with 4 feet of depth and when we passed both ways late in 2001 there was a semi-submurged tree just before the blue line.

# 8 Percy's Reach

ID Mile Kilometer Lift Length Sill Depth Preferred SIde
# 8 25 40.2 18 155' 8' Starboard

From Lock #8 to Lock #9 the Trent Severn waterway runs east of the natural watercourse. There are no facilities here however there is a wonderful nature trail which follows the south east bank called the "Centennial Trail".

As you reach the top of # Lock 8, even with the modest lift a quick look back over the marshlands of Percy's Reach confirm that you are now stating your climb to new geography. Lock #9 Meyers is only 1.1 miles away long following a gently curving cannal with a 10 KPH speed limit . shortly upstream of the lock there is a widning which althpough inviting is shallow shoaling to 3 feet at the northen end. As long as you stay south west of the five buoys you have an average of 8 feet of depth to Lock #9 Meyers.

Lock #9 Meyers

ID Mile Kilometer Lift Length Sill Depth Preferred SIde
# 9 26.4 42.50 15 155' 8' Starboard

Meyers Lock #9

This is one of the original locks constructed in 1914. The washrooms are large and the entire area picturesque. Lock #9 has lots of grass and space making Meyers a pleasent overnight stop. The BBQ's and picnick tables are located to the downstream side of Meyers Lock.

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