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Ontario Place Toronto

Toronto Ontario Place

Canadian Hydrographic Charts 2086, 2077

Close to south entrance to harbour
43°37.56' :N - 79°24.85' :W

After passing through the busy Western Gap there are numerous small craft clubs stretching along the beach.

Ontario Place Toronto

Close to the western entrance of the Western Gap lies Ontario Place Ontario's entertainment showcase. Ontario Place maintains over 100 transient slips and more entertainment than the average kid can absorb in a day, with plenty for the adults as well. Be warned because of the popularity it is busy, and it is not cheap. However, moorage does include admission to both Ontario Place and the CNE Canadian National Exhibition. Call ahead and reserve and be prepared for the deposit they will demand.

Ontario Place Toronto

Docking is assigned on arrival and you must stop by the entrance control tower for your assigned berth or contact them on channel 68. There is plenty of room for large boats with up to 100 feet available with 15 feet of depth. Service facilities match offering up to a healthy 50 amp power service if required also there are 15 amp and 30 amp outlets available. It is busy and far from private, so anticipate a visit to an amusement park in a major city. The washrooms are complete and there are even 20 electric barbecues.

Ontario Place Toronto

Further to the west along Lakeshore Boulevard behind the break wall lie The Boulevard Club and the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club
[ Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club [TS&CC] Website ]. Both clubs offer limited space to members of reciprocating yacht clubs, Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club is limited to any space vacated by members vessels with a maximum draft of 5 feet available.

The Boulevard Club is somewhat further west and offers many different sports. There are now 10 visitors spaces for reciprocating yacht club members at commercial rates, depending on availability . There are depths ranging from 8 to 20 feet and excellent club facilities.

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Ontario Place Website

Ontario Place Toronto
Phone: 416-314-9858.

Depth Length Transient
10 feet 100 100
Fuel Pump Out Shore Power
    30 amp
Water Restrooms Showers
Yes Yes Yes
Repairs Sales Marine parts
Storage Trav Lift Launch ramp
In water    
Laundry Rentals Food Service
Recreation Season Berths Live Aboard

This information is not for navigation, always use official Hydrographic Charts

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