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Canadian Hydrographic Charts 2086, 2077

Way point:
0.25 miles SE of entrance Colonel Samuels Smith Park Entrance.
43 °35.04' :N , 79 °30.56' :W

Proceeding SW from Humber Bay and Mimico Mimico Creek are the suburban communities of Mimico,New Toronto, and Long Branch.


Long Branch shoreline provides Colonel Samuels Smith Park at the Lakeshore end of Kipling avenue, the area continues redevelopment and expansion under the waterfront development scheme. Colonel Samuels Smith Park is the least developed of any of the greater Toronto waterfront parks, and is reached from shore by passing through the now largely abandoned Psychiatric Hospital grounds.

As many of the Toronto area artificial harbours locating the harbor from offshore can be difficult. Long Branch is 2 miles east of the Lakeview Generating station. Long Branch is best located from the lake by steering just east of the Four sisters (or stacks of the Lakeview Generating Station) until you can observe the chimney of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital which lie directly north of the harbour. As you approach the R.C, Clark water filtration plants low white outline becomes visible to the west of the harbour.

Submerged water intakes reach outwards 0.8 miles from the New Toronto Pump House and water treatment plant, the inlet has a crib with 38 feet of water over it. Yet another submerged water intakes is located 0.3 miles west of the treatment plant, the inlet has a crib with 14 feet of water over it and marked by a buoy.


Entry to the Colonel Samuels Smith Park is from the west and one must avoid the bar which lies to the south of the harbour entrance. Lakeshore Yacht Club ( 5 ) [ LakeShore Yacht Club Website ] offers facilities for members and available to members of reciprocating yacht clubs. The new yacht club building is open.

The marina basin is deep and secured from the public walk which separates the clubhouse from the docks by a card gate. The retaining wall drops quickly to the full depth in a short distance, however the facility is currently under utilized and a member of a reciprocating yacht club would do best to contact the officer of the day rather than attempting to tie up there.


There is nothing to do except what you bring with you here and Lakeshore is over a kilometer to the north. Even the city transit busses stop a healthy walk from the docks. The facility is well thought out and offers a well sheltered harbour, if in a somewhat remote surrounding dominated by the Four Sisters to the west. The inner bay created by the landfill is ofter used for overnight anchorage and in all but except W or SW winds should provide a secure night at anchor.

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Marina Information

Lakeshore Yacht Club
[ LakeShore Yacht Club Website ]
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Depth Length Transient
? feet ? feet Recip.
Fuel Pump Out Shore Power
  Yes Yes
Water Restrooms Showers
Yes Yes Yes
Repairs Sales Marine parts
Storage Trav Lift Launch ramp
Laundry Rentals Food Service
Recreation Season Berths Live Aboard

This information is not for navigation, always use official Hydrographic Charts

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Marina Information

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