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July 15, 2002

An early morning June sunrise bathes the clouds of our valley
An early morning June sunrise bathes the clouds of our valley
So lanother day begins on the mountain top....

This has been a very trying spring.

June 17 2002 - Edgar enjoyes the evening sun at Waupoos

photo take June 17, 2002 - Edgar enjoyes the evening sun at Waupoos.
He seems to be doing a little better on the whole having regained a little strength since the low points of the saga. I have now moved him and all day to day activities downstairs on one level and gotten the new AC working for the main part of the house He can get out to the porch or to his computer pretty much on his own at the house.

Naughty Lass waiting to launch

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When we go to the poor neglected boat sitting beside the launch area in Waupoos waiting- When we are there (still with reasonable home care /nursing coverage) we take a cabin and hopefully his daughter and family use the boat when visiting. Seems that I have a ready boat with no one to use her.

What a crime. Naughty Lass sits on and drying our too much for a spare minute or two to finish what I need to and launch..

If you ever wanted to spend some time in quite possibly one of the nicest marina and cruising areas I have seen let me know. The guide on these areas and marina is located (for 5 series browser at:

Waupoos Island on line cruising guide or for older browser using frames at:

at on line cruising guide

Long Point, Great South Bay
Are local cruising areas without going into the Bay of Quinte or into open Lake Ontario.

Overall I have given up on getting much done this summer except trying to make Edgar's days pleasant day to day. If the boat sells who knows if not I will probably keep her and take her out for a year after Edgar goes.

guarding the van

Mee Mah the pussy cat is doing well. She has become quite protctive of the carvan which she like to sit in everywhere. I am pretty certain she would prefer that the boat was not launched aas she likes Naughty LAss where she is..

She likes to spend the mornings and evenings on deck scrutinizing the passing traffic. It has gotten so bad with the boat sitting right beside the "D" dock pathway that I keep finding offerings of cat food & treats on the aft swim platform.

mee mah at the boat

mee Mah like the shade form the awnings