February 14 2015

Senior Artist seek rural cabin or caretaker location*
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There may be other combination of options , but these are the firt two that are emerging.

I have now had several responses and admit to the options not going as I though.



My first concept was I started out thinking of this as a live in fix up an existing property for rent & materials.

Such a deal would still be acceptable and both secure your rural property during non use months while accomplishing improvement to your property as per material budget.


Option B

Off grid or better yet access to some power and water and space to live while building a Tiny house.

Im pretty handy to have around even if heavy lifting physical labor is a no go.


More on that later.

A bit about me.


I have been asked about where live now.

This is the house that is for sale.

I have now dropped the price of my house $10,000, this city dependence is over.



Retired Senior 68 seeks Prepper, off grid options?

Do you have rural property that would benefit from a committed full time builder improver?

Retired Shipwright Artist seeks rural cabin, or they would possibly considering building a tiny house from scratch.

Applicant is 69 year old now living solely on pensions, thus not interested in owning property again.



Applicant is 69 year old now living solely on pensions, thus not interested in owning property again

Seeking lightly serviced rural cabin while writing book. Long-term commitment desired.

I am on fixed income and am willing to make improvements to the property to facilitate 365 living.

Would consider 100% off grid as long as there is a water source, wood heat would be good.

I have 18 years living aboard and cruising boats while been a contractor / fabricator by trade with high tech kudos credits.

Please make direct contact for more information and links to prior projects.

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About Robin 2011                    2015 Resume is PW secured please contact for permission




Below are some samples of prior projects.

This group of images are aboard Defiance 2003 - 2008 representing five years 365 outside at Waupoos Lake Ontario

For more on projects please see the services pages.

Deefiance battery bankbattery box covered showing the 12 and 24V control systems inverters and generatormechanical systems Defiance



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During this liveaboard person Robin operated a marine restoration repair facility as Waupoos Boat Works until health forced closure of commercial volume.

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Then for rural Ontario I provide Ft. Stewart 35 minutes from Bancroft above the Little Mississippi Valley.

Restoration of 1890 farmhouse and heat reduction to 2 tanks of oil and 4 cords of wood per winter.

Visit the resale website from 2002 (old html) but it should resolve.

The space ended with death of spouse from cancer.




I come with cats.

Good cats no damage critter control.

This page is a bit mixed up as I have considered this before and come close to doing it three years ago but the County is super down on RVs and gone very upscale. I do currently own a class B Pleasure Way left. Newer, perhaps not new enough?

Almost two months into the restoration I again have to give up as there is too much work to make it ready for a Central America escape. Fine for a thousand miles. But not years where service and parts are difficult, not to mention a breakdown many places could cost you your life.

Concept one is to head down to my friends place in Belize where I have work and foothold.

I do however still consider a RV trailer the starting point if there is no structure presently.

I am open to many ideas that will secure a next step place to live and build my Tiny House.

I tested this already and have the furnaces support technology on hand already. picture below from 2012 systems test.

In this case it was to test the furnaces (still in stock) mounted externally to reduce interior noise, and how much it would take to run livable heat 24/7 during winter at my old shop. Thirty 30 lb propane would keep the RV at 60F for 9 days 24/7. Thus $20 per 30 (Shannonville Res) say $120 for hard winter heat.


Below pictures are by owners and I suggest you visit their very interesting and informative website. The Tumbleweed is a well proven stock plan.


Over the past couple of weeks I have hardened up on what a support Tiny House would look like and have fallen in love with Tumbleweed Tiny House Company’s 130 square foot Fencl plans

the test is with real RV but these folks. All image copyright reserved and to them I suggest you visit their website here to see what can be done.




100% off grid or RV base option


systems test full winterconception art of Tiny House inspired support

If the option ends up being 100% off grid with no structure the above test holds true. I was thinking Tumbleweed 3 yr ago.

If Not, then no structure can be over 110 sq.ft. to be below the inspection permit limit of most jurisdictions.

This test and prior experience living aboard vessels defines your water, fuel and minimum support requirements.

I even see a future personal commercial possibility after the first one is complete as one would be hard pressed to make a real living due to the labor intensive nature. But, as a retiree...




Now the living off grid movement is under attack all over Canada by municipalities who want the $ to overcharge for service

Thus the following is a refined support pod that is less than 110 square feet which is the building permit requirement for most places.

The outside finish is undecided, the mechanical components firm. It is square footage compliant support structure with fluid storage and composting toilet, wood heat

The basic systems and hardware have been 5 year frozen in the ice tested aboard Defiance see. Defiance