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Katchewanooka Lake

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Katchewanooka Lake is the first of the Kawartha Lakes and roughly 5 miles long and a half mile wide. For all its beauty the passing cruiser must not stray from the marked channel because there are all manner of hazards throughout the lake ranging from sunken piles, tree stumps rocks awash and just plain foul ground.

As you pass clear C113 C114 at the lake end of Haig's Point mile 99.9 the first of the dangers lies directly to your west in the form of a sunken pilings and a 2 foot shoal. You will want to pick up C116 as you cross to the far west side where the channel passes between a group of three islands. Be sure to pick up the channel through it is important to enter the channel here between C117 and C118. The channel dog-legs northeastward sharply as you pass between C 199 and C120 where you do not want to get outside the channel as there are rocks awash between C119 and the shoreline.

CAUTION This is a speed controlled area until mile 101, and the western shore is punctuated with awash rocks until upstream C123 and C124 by Second Island.Passing behind Webster Island you cross under a hydro line with 43 foot clearance towards the north end of the island where a 5 foot shoal extends from the west shore just beyond the power line. It is also home to a set of matching osprey nests taking advantage of the hydro poles.

From here the lake widens out again for just short of a miles where your up bound course is (40° 22' down bound ) east of Hills Island and buoys C133 and C134. This is the area where there is extremely shallow water ground and the weeds are often visible. You have rocks, submerged pilings, close to the west side except at C136 where a piling is directly east of the marker. The nasty middle portion of the lake is marked by C143 and C144.

Up bound Douglas Island marks the beginning of the northern portion Katchewanooka Lake. Thew channel makes a dip to the west of Douglas Island at C145 passing along it's western tip. The channel is clear ley marked as you transit this northern section with no encroaching dangers until C153 and C154 where there are yet more watch for rocks awash to the east shore of the river by Polly Island then again at C158 and C160.

Downstream from Youngs Point Lock 27 thge Highway 28 bridge crosses the waterway

Seen here from lock 27 Youngs Point you can see highway 28 bridge, and markers C158 and C160. The highway 28 bridge has a clearance of 22 feet where it crosses the waterway.

Marinas on Lake Katchewanooka

To the south end of the lake are Katchewanooka Resort (705) 652 3243 found near mile 103 on the western shore, is a cottage resort with 5 feet of water and a couple of transient spaces for boat of less than 25 feet. For those visitors there is 15 amp power dock side, but drinking water you will have to cary, bait, tackle, rentals, some repairs, phone, small store, and even a water taxi.

Lake Edge Cottages (705) 652 9080 who hang their shingle for passing boaters close to the channel on a green float offer B & B or cottages. Their dockage is reserved for guests and limited to 25 feet and 5 feet of draft.

The trailer park at mile 104 north west shore is called the Ring Tail Camp and offers nothing to passing cruisers. Kawartha Lodge Cottages is in the same mile 103.2 with a shallow dock of a maximum 4 foot draft phone, camping and bait and tackle.

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