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Map of Sturgeon Lake

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Down stream link to Sturgeon Lake east of Cottage Point & Bobcaygeon lock 32.
We pick up coverage of Sturgeon Lake south & west of Cottage Point.

This page covers the south and west shore to the Scugog River.

Sturgeon Lake Marina

Sturgeon Lake Marina
(705) 793-1176 in the day or night there is a flashing orange light which is easy to spot. Run as a family business, owned and operated by Bob and Terry Grimbly. There has been many noticeable improvements to the Marina in the last several months, including new docks, modernized bathrooms, painting the roofs of the covered slips and the addition of many flowers throughout the property. A delightful place to stop for gas or the night. Theere is space for up to 8 transient vessels with dock side depths of 4'.


The seasonal vessels tend to be smaller or houseboats with both covered and open slips. There is a small store with supplies and fishing boats to rent with promising & productive fishing holes close by. They can haul boats of up to 25' with 15 amp power, washrooms, showers, picnic tables and parking close to the slips along with e-mail.

The bifurcation buoy CP, flashing Green in a 2 . 1 sequence. The main channel to Fenelon Falls, or to the south leads to Lindsay, Lake Scugog and Port Perry.

Located on the west shore at Long Beach there is a public dock flanked by two marinas. The dock is a "L" shape with its main length parallel to shore. Mac's Marina (705) 359 1121 is found here with 5' at the gas dock and haul out via trailer of boats to 30 feet. They have rental boats & cottages, with 15 amp power and a johnny on the spot.

Further south on the way to Scugog River on the south shore there are three more facilities which we will mention here as well as on the Scugog River pages.

West of Sturgeon Point

The fairway markers NSA mark your course with a string of g green buoys N 1 to N 9 to the south of the channel, N 10 and N 12 mark the beginning of your turn into the Fenelon River at N 13 & N 14.

To the west of the channel on the shore close N.W. of Ball Point is Mac's Marina (705) 359 1121. Mac does ofer emergerncy towing does repairs and will make mobile repairs if needed. THey maintain a supplu of common parts and props and can mannage roughly the same sized bvoats for haul our using a trailer. Shoreside they offer cottage & boat rental and can accomodate boats of 5' draft and 27 Length. facilities include gas (no diesel), 15amp power, and a launch ramp.

There is little in the way of facilities along this stretch until you reach the Fenelon River and Wychwood Lodge and Cottage Resort just before you enter the Fenelon River proper. We will discuss their services as part of the Fenelon Falls page next.

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Please note downstream lock link will take you to Sturgeon Lake east of Cottage Point above Bobcaygeon lock 32


Scugog River & Lake Scugog

We will be somewhat redundent here and discuss the southern portion of Sturgeon Lake which in fact is covered by the 2026 chart group as part Scugog River & Lake Scugog en rote to Lindsay as it may be a while before we complete this section of the guide. The channel still holds adequate depth for most power boats and there are two marinas, both of which are accessible via a narrow channel which follows the south east shore. .

 Moorings at Snug Harbour

The first is The Moorings at Snug Harbour (705) 324 6667 is roughly a mile to the south of Point Pleasant and is home to a substantial number of larger power vessels having less than 5' of draft. with 80 berths for up to 40' LOA. The marina is a substantial facility with a 7 day mechanic during the season along with a stock of props and parts .

Moorings at Snug Harbour

You will see a large GAS sign at the end of the dock. The marina entrance is close off the buoyed channel and just south of the small island. They have 30 amp power, swimming pool, hot tub, covered slips picnic tables BBQ's and convenient parking close to the seasonal slips.

Lunge Haven

Lunge Haven Cottages (705) 324 6610 is further south on the Scuogog River route slightly north of mile 150 (en route to Lindsay). The gas dock is close to the channel and the large GAS sign is clearly seen from the channel. They do have limited transient dockage for smaller boats up to 25' and 4.5' draft. There are showers, water, 15amp power and a beach combined with a small store.


Fish 'n' Rest Resort (705) 324 6864 has a sign floating near the channel at mile 152 off Pickerl Point and is a cottage resort withoout transient facilities. However if you are running low on fuel they do have gas and 4' of water available dockside. The small harbor is only suitable for fishing boats and you can pick lout the seaplanes slightly to the north.

Fish  n Rest

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Fenelon Falls Marina

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