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Coboconk is as far north as you can go on the Gull River as there is a highway bridge with very limited vertical clearance. Not many transient boats make it up this far, but if you are not in a hurry the village of 800 has that out of the way charm.

As you approach Coboconk the channel makes a near right angle turn with the village in sign. You will be able to see Yacht Harbor Boat Slips (705) 454 3372 quite clearly, CAUTION stay in the channel and wait until you are abreast of the docks before you turn in, there is very shallow foul water between the channel and the marina. This is the larger of the two marinas but most slips are taken by seasonal customers.

Coboconk village dock

I would recommend that to explore Coboconk you utilize the village dock which is 250' long with an elevation of 3'. The wooden structure is well maintained and there is a map of all the village facilities mid way along the dock.

Coboconk Directions

There are a number of small shops close by but the IGA is 15 minutes away on the west side of the bridge with the beer store beside it. There is a home hardware on hwy 35 closer to the dock a drug store, and laundromat. The local health center is nearby while the liquor store is Albert Street.

Coboconk Bridge

Thompsons Marina is located on the opposite bank just before the bridge and mostly does outboard repairs.

UP-STREAM Next lock Lock #34 Fenelon Falls Balsam Lake  DOWN-STREAM lock # 31 Buckhorn

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