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The Trent Severn Waterway

Trent Severn Waterway

Approaching Trenton

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Officially the Trent Canal starts at the western terminus of Murray Canal other than ensuring that you obey the channel markers as you cross the shallow water on the approach to Trenton there is little feel of being in a canal.

It is important to note that the approach to Trenton is fraught with very shallow water. There are two routes to Trenton, I recommend the long way to the south. Sail boats may well be advised to run wide and to the south to the main channel which is south of the bifurcation buoy QQ8 past the south of Indian Island and the Indian Island Bank. As you approach Onderdonk Point which looks very close at 0.3 statue miles to your south your turn will be rounding (FIR) QT16. Just round out your swing knowing that your lowest datum should be 7 feet. equally you will probably require glasses to pick up Q 71 which marks the main channel from the east, which you wish to pass north of.

Trenton chanel markers

For the brave and those with shallower draft, other alternative channel is well marked but even with good visibilaty you need to keep a sharp lookout as the constant weeds and shallows are close by. With less than 4 feet of draft I was nervous following this course a inspection to the shorter course making my skin crawl. It works, but next time we go around if approaching from Lake Ontario.

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On the west shore you will see a large white building building and old dock. This area is shallow and should be approached with caution. There is however another park and a single launching ramp to the south of the white building suitable for trailer boats.

Ttrenton markers

The channels join at , quick flashing white, Black-Yellow, North Cardinal marker QT. There is a shoal in the middle of the river west of Q77 and we recommend keeping to the east as no mater how tempting the deserted warehouse wall looks there is no water for a decent boat along it. The picture left is looking past he Robert Partick Marina headland to Q 77 & Q78.

Robert Patrick Marina

You are now starting upstream and "Red Right Returning" rule applies. Robert Patrick Marina is located on the east shore and has a privately buoyed entrance. The marina does offer transient berthing, operated by the city of Trenton.

The entrance is sheltered and gives way to a comfortable marina on the inner basin. The Robert Patrick Marina,is on the opposite bank of the river is part of Centennial Park. It has a limited amount of transient dockage, complete with 30 ampere outlets and water connections.The limiting factor at this marina is the depth of water which only runs from 3 to 5 feet.

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There is a dock master in attendance 24 hrs. a day during the season. Adjacent Centennial Park is well suited for a restful shore leave, with its sports facilities and snack bar as well as a playground for the children it makes a pleasantpleasant location for an extended stop-over.

The city shopping area is but 5 minutes walk from the Fraser Park Marina. One of the city operated marinas. All of Canada's major banks have branches here as does one of this countries major food chains. These together with a laundromat, several restaurants and delicatessens are all located on Dundas Street, which is the major shopping area of the town.

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A bit further upstream on the west shore is Fraser Park Marina has 25 transient berths all with 30 ampere outlets and fresh water hookups. The depth of water in the docks varies from 8 to 10 feet but the berths are completely in protected from the elements or the wash of passing boats. There is a dock master on duty from 7 oclock in the morning until 9pm during the season.

Above Frazer Park Marina is the Dundas Street, Highway 2 bridge in downtown Trenton. On older charts there may be a clearance note however 1990 they built waterway clearance bridge so if you are good for the canal you are good to go. This bridge marks Mile Zero of the Trent-Severn Waterway

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