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Trenton to Locks #3

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Trenton to Frankford

A couple of reminders. Starting 2001 the acceptable draft for canal passage is 5 feet. This depth is limited by the depth over the lock sill. Lock 1 to Lock 19 have a depth is 8 feet (2.45m).

Railroad Swing Bridge
ID Mile Kilometers Lift Preferred side
R.R. Bridge 0.4 0.65 10 ft Starboard

Shortly after the Highway 2 or Dundas Street bridge you reach the second of downtown Trenton's bridges. The railway swing bridge is usually left open these days except when trains are expected. There is light signals located just to the west of center on the structure of the second bridge so ensure you have a green before proceeding. The Trent Severn Waterway channel markers now begin with T1 and T2. We are not going to walk you through each buoy on the passage, except where you need to be aware of you location, the numbers increase as you go north

retaining wall south of lock 1

The channel here works its way towards the west bank until you reach the next bridge with a clearance of 43 feet. As you pass under the bridge and begin to swing north you follow western shore and a concrete retaining wall separates you from the rest of the river to your east. After several hundred yards this wall gives way to a earth dyke with scattered vegetation.

Trenton Lock #1 Dimensions

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 1 1.8 2.9 20' 155' 46 m 8' 2.46 m Starboard

south of lock 1

big image As you approach the lock from downstream you pass between long concrete walls on both sides of the channel with no place to tie-up rings until relatively close to the lock. The blue line at this lock is short and inset to the east obstructing your view of the lock and gate, not at all helped by the railway bridge (clearance 32'), sign age, and trees. There is a loudspeaker system you must listen to for directions.
Photograph is looking south from lock

Lock 1

This is the main check in point for the north bound passage along with the last telephones you will encounter for quite some time. There is a information center and you will need to obtain your stickers if you are going any distance. The only drawback is the trains as CN line crosses the Trent here.

Welcome to the Trent Severn

If you have not gotten your fenders prepared you might as well get rigged here as the next 5 locks will come up extremely quickly leaving you no time. Inevitably you will end up in fairly large groups during this portion.

Lock #1 to #2 is a short half mile. When you leave Lock #1 you angle eastward passing under the eastern-most span of the to Hwy. 401 bridge. Once under the bridge (34 ft clearance) keep to the east side as the lock entrance is just around the bend on the east side of the river.

Lock #2 Sydney

Lock #2 Sydney Dimensions
ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 2 2.4 3.9 19' 155' 46 m 8' 2.46 m Starboard

There is a fairly long wall downstream and a large field great for your pets to work off some energy. Set a little back and north of the current lock house is a boarded up original Lockeepers house. If you go to walk you dog ensure you secure the boat as there is a well used trail which passes under the highway bridge and is much used by locals on ATV making the mooring far less secure that it appears.

North of lock #2 to Glen Millar #3 there is a small islet mid river surrounded by an area of shallow water marked by T11 you should be between the mark and the east shore. The channel throughout this section is to the east with the same shallow water on the western side as the marked by T13. Your course is relatively straight but you view blocked by the bushy shore of the Glen Miller conservation area as banks close in.

Glen Millar #3

Lock 3
ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 3 3.8 6.1 28' 155' 46 m 8' 2.46 m Starboard

Glen Miller Bridge

As approach the lock you must pass under the Johnstown Rd. bridge having a clearance of 22 ft, if you clear this you are OK for the rest of your trip. The channel is on the east as approach to the bridge which has amber lights over the channel.

lock 3

approach to lock 3

good viewing The dam spillway produces a noticeable rapids, which are separated from the channel by a submerged wall and safety cable which runs from the western lock approach wall to the bridge pier on your west side. If you are kibitzing waiting for the lock, be prepared for the current you will have to compensate.

Lock 3

The blueline is on the east side, with limited space to tie up. when they empty the lock we noticed a strong surge, all in all making this a place to keep your boat under control as when you are in the channel the barrier is not as easy to see.

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