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As some of you may already be aware the operation of the Lakefield Marina including serviced docking facilities has been suspended for the 2003 season as a result of structural concerns with the concrete wharf.

Lakefield is one of the oldest towns along the waterway having been settled in the 1800 with a large number of stately turn of the centuary buildings and houses. It has a long history in producing outstanding authors with Margaret Laurence, Susanna Moodie, Major Samuel Strickland, and Catherine Parr Trail all from the area. One of the distinctions Lakefield posesses is having provided schooling for Prince Andrew in 1977 at the pricate Lakefield College.

The closest large supermarket is accross the bridge and one block south close to city hall and other municipal offices. There are all manner of stores and shops along the Queen Street which runs off at an angle a block from the bridge. There are a number of well stocked hardware stores for those with a project in need along with some interesting looking botique shops.

Hamlins restaurant is a easy walk accross the bridge

Lakefield dining options are too many to cover fully during construction so forgive us if we only skim the surface of cullanary options at this time. If you do make a stop here we can recommend Hamblin's just accross the bridge which has a wide choice of meals and the ever popular Kawartha Dairy ice cream.

A block further up Queen is Village fish and chips which has take out, patio or inside service. If you find yourself in need of more exiotic cafine that most use on board there is the Lakefield Coffee House still further along Queen street with the anticipated selection of coffees and snacks.

For more substancial fare than burgers of family restaurants you might consider Granney�s Country Kitchen which is licensed and offer breckfast lunch and dimner. Their speciality is rost beef and a great selection of home made deserts.

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