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The Trent Severn Waterway

Lock 1

Welcome to a visit to the Trent-Severn Waterway which is perhaps most popular of all Canadian inland waterways.

Maximum available draft Trent Severn Waterway is 5 feet

Average width for Trent Severn Waterway is of 32 feet

Maximum height Trent Severn Waterway is 22 feet

Scheduled opening of the Waterway is May 18. However, this is often delayed due to high water.
To confirm opening dates please check with Lock 1 (613) 392 3334

Spring Geese take a break alongs side the Youngs Point Lock Choice Latge Image Viewing

Welcome aboard. Today is April 10, 2003, the days are getting warmer and we start to work on the boat this weekend. I have not yet finished the final locks to Georgian Bay above lock 42. The images and copy are currently waiting for me to do some more maps which is pretty time consuming work. Particularly when launch time draws near. Other than that, the site is getting close to opening.

We give you, the astute boater, credit, if you are here but we are but one of many sites you will check out before you cast your lines ashore. As with all navigation and tourism the moment one begins to try to provide a destination, you start with the official government, historical resources, and research then hopefully you go there before you tell others about it. That said you can be assured we have personally covered each of the waterways discussed and described. Our narrative is a homologation of research, official public domain and original copy.

Cruising with Edgar has provided an entirely new look at passage time and recreation. Until now, I only considered locks a part of transit to open water, he sees them as challenges and sightseeing along the road interesting in themselves. The Trent Severn provides many of these stops,and with a season pass an economical tie up at the end of a days run. During our voyage you will visit each lock in the system with current photographs and maps.

Loaded for the trip

We tend not to spend time in marina's which is the reason for long enough legs to avoid "spot prices" on fuel and shore facilities. We in all probability looked like wandering gypsies as we headed north with the back deck full of additional fuel and supplies, but other than the occasional fresh provisions we did the circle with only one fuel stop. Naughty Lass is only 33' LOA with only 40" of draft is perfect for the Great Lakes and waterways, rebuilt with extended cruising in mind.

For our personal tastes, we avoid the high season of July and August when traffic volume is something to behold. However, from first opening until the locks close is perfect for us, and we shall return. If only life offers us more years I know we could spend a decade wandering the various regions with a yearly waterway pass, which is the greatest value I have come across. If you shun marina's and expensive stops a summer can be cheaper than a yacht club membership, let alone the cost of a cottage! Oh yes, we in fact maintain our year round residence in the Kawarthas, on top of a 1370' ridge overlooking virgin wilderness. But enough of that.

Cast your lines ashore for the Trent Severn Waterway!

General Reference on Waypoints within the Trent Severn Guide

Not all waypoints are confirmed by actual on point reading.
We double check waypoints only when convenient, as we can personally use GPS positioning a limited amount within our creation the Trent Severn Guide.
Data is based on official Department of Fisheries and Oceans navigation references for Tent Severn as a default for an original reading.

DEPTH'S are as Chart Datum check current water levels and adjust your plans accordingly.

© copyright 2003
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