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Rice Lake to Peterborough

Otonobee River Entrance to Peterborough

Entrance to Otonobee River

From Rice Lake to Peterborough is 20 miles and follows the Otonobee River through gently low lying marshlands with wooded shore with rolling hills and farmland beyond, before you reach the urban sprawl of Peterborough. You have no locks to deal with but you will find areas where speed discretion is required.

There is a highly visible FIR 27 foot high Floating Light located 0.3 miles south east of the Otonobee River entrance. When approaching the entrance of the Otonobee River from the lake. CAUTION You must approach from outside the FIR and pass between the navigation markers T 433 T434. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES try to cut a corner you have it all waiting you, mud, weeds, rock. Trust us stay between the marks.

Otonobee River

North of the floating light as you enter the mouth of the river you will see the Otonobee River Light
Waypoint   44 ° 09.0" North  -  78 ° 04.0" West which is located on an island found to the SW entrance of the river and an elevation of 11 feet from a skeleton structure with port side day beacon. A starboard day beacon is found on the east side entrance of the river.

Rainbow Cottages (705) 939 6995 are located on the Otonobee River west side close to mile 70.5 with a reported depth of 4 to 5 feet next to the 65 foot long dock. They have limited dockage operating primarily as camping cottage & resort with rentals, phone, playground, shower and a small store. Gas is not available for transients.

The marsh land along the east shore will widen at mile 72 as Kent Creek enters from the east, local fisherman continually favor this area if you are not in a hurry. While a little further north the march gives way to a tree lined shoreline before Cambelltown mile 73.8 appears on the east shore. You can't miss the collection to three boathouse south of the towns public dock which is a wooden and steel government dock 53 feet long a depths of 8 feet. There are no facilities other than a gravel launching ramp here.

Bensford Bridge Resort

Once upstream of Cambelltown the Otonobee takes a 180 ° bend almost south to mile 75 where you will turn westward following a gentle bend to Bensford Bridge at mile 76.5.

Bensford Bridge Resort (705) 939 6515 has transient dockage for 12 fair sized boats with 5 feet of water at the gas dock. The dock itself ruins parallel to the shore and the resort operates primer ley as camping cottage & resort with rentals, phone, playground, showers 20 amp power, and a small store.

mile 73

Public dockage at Bendsford Bridge is to the west and south where a 30 foot wooden decked pipe dock has approximately 4.5 feet of depth at it's outer end. When we investigated Bensford Bridge village there were a number of slightly run-down or closed shops along the highway, but on the rivers east side (cut across the rough area soon after crossing the bridge to save a couple of block walk) to the south of the highway people were deep into rebuilding what will be a nice little general store.As you approach the bridge proper the Bensford Bridge Resort is directly downstream of the bridge on the west shore.

Cottage directly south of Bensford Bridge on east shore

Somewhat less than four miles upstream at mile 80.3 from Bensford Bridge having a clearance of 27' is Wallace Point. There is a prominent cottage on the east point as you round the corner before you reach the highway bridge. On west shore below the bridge is the Squirrel Creek Conservation Area with typical minimal facilities for passing cruisers, this is a very nice natural park with playing fields a campgrounds and concrete launching ramp with a low retaining wall along the canal providing approximately 4 feet for tie up.

Ceder Park Trailer Park

Above the bridge on the east shore is the Kawartha Trails Resort which is comprised of large semi permanent trailers and has nothing for transient boaters while the west shore gas considerable foul ground. On the east shore charts show Whitfield Landing that has with depths of 5 to 8 feet on the outside of a floating dock. When we checked late 2002 there was a new floating dock attached to a concrete wall while the surrounding shore area shows current signs of park development.

Whitfield Landing

Continuing upstream at mile 82.5 on the east shore is Frazerville which seems to be in a continued state of flux regarding development, we saw signs that the local authority may well have a floating dock in 2002 but I would not hold your breath.

The river continues northward through the familiar scenery with little to do but watch the wildlife which abounds here. A well buoyed channel runs northward under three sets of overhead power lines having a minimum clearance of 57' between mile's 83.0 and 83.5 followed by well marked underwater cables at miles 83.7.

mile 74

Your trip northward will continue for another 3.3 miles with little to distinguish your passage until the Otonobee River makes an abrupt right angle bend at Telephone Point Mile 85.8. As you approach the point you will see two marinas on the west shore the T-Bay Marina and Willow Bend Marina slightly to the north. CAUTION there is a small but awkward shoal directly off the west tip of Telephone point with only 4 feet of depth and is unmarked so do not cut the corner too close.

 Turtle Bay Marina a Marina Peterborough

On older guides this was called Turtle Bay Marina , now called T-Bay Marina 705-745-3483 it was re-opened under new management after having been closed since 1998. The new owners Thelma Rimes and Denis Ferkany have really pulled this together nicely.

Tbaytn.gif - 0 Bytes

As an example, the old "bait and tackle shop" has been turned into a "book exchange and Internet access" library and lounge. A waterfront restaurant will follow with a wonderful view north and south on the Otonabee is planned.

Visit the web site
T Bay Marina

T-Bay is located at mile marker 86 on the Trent-Severn Waterway adjacent to and south of Willow Bend Marina, and at 270 degress west of Telephone Point on chart 2022. When entering the T-Bay harbour, it is recommended that you use the channel between the north side of our island and the large T-Bay "harbour entrance" sign. Stay to the center of the north channel to avoid a small sandbar extending about 10 feet off the northerly tip of the island. Water depth is 5 feet at the end of our docks and at the visitors dock marked by the white cabinet and "Welcome to T-Bay Marina" sign. The private T-Bay harbour has plenty of room for houseboats or yachts of 50 foot length to navigate with ease.

 Willow Bend Marina Peterborough Mariana

The Willow Bend Marina (705) 743 4270 is closer to Peterborough and the second marina here showing far more activity and activity. AS of this writing we have not been able to confirm 2002 services other than there is no mechanic on duty. Your entrance is the upstream channel above the small dividing islet through a long channel having 5 feet of draft. There is both seasonal and transient dockage for vessels under 35 feet with showers, laundry, 15 amp power and water.

Peterborough highway 7A bridge

Once past the bend your course will favor the west shore avoiding many rocks which tend to be awash along the eastern side of the river. The highway 7 define your approach Peterborough City limits as the urban jumble will no follow the banks for 2.8 miles to Lock 19

UP-STREAM Next lock Lock #8 Haig's Reach  DOWN-STREAM Next lock

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