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Lock 6 to Locks 7

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north of lock 6

Above the lock is a 2 mile long channel which by passes the dam and rapids. There is a shallow area as you clear the cut where you can anchor close off the channel on the east. HOWEVER, this little bay shoals quickly to 3 feet depth. The channel has a 8 foot depth but is narrow with no opportunity to pass.

T 33

worth viewing Glen Ross Lock #7 is 6.3 miles ahead, at mile 13.8. The tight channel opens out to a shallow lake which should not decieve you. There are numerous shoals which extend from the shoreline on either side of the channel with depths of only

Weeds mark the shallows

one to two feet. Dont let the locals who dart in to their cottages along the shore fool you, they know where the shallows are. By mile 10 you the chanel runs a bait west of middle as you approach Heagels Island the grass is growing there is only two feet of water here so insure you leave Heagels to your north east side.

river Valley Marine

The waterway curves slowley north passing between a set of three small islands which begin at T 64. Once again the weeds growing beside the channel are not fooling. As you reach the last of these islets Rawdon Creek enters from the north. You may notice a collection of smaller boats at the house and large garage in the norther corner, this is River Valley Marine and Sports (613) 395 3035.

Turtle taking the sun

Danger Narrows

worth viewing As you make your turn south you are entering a speed zone called "Danger Narrows" begining at T76, mile 13. (for more chart click for large image) "Danger Narrows" indeed, the channel is narrow with rocks and shallows close enough to touch as you work your way southwards towards Glenn Ross Lock #7.

Glenn Ross Lock 7

As you clear the south end Danger Narrows a small bay opens to the east where you will probably see smaller fishing boats this area shoals quickley to less than three feet, although there is a deeper pocket directly east of T87 which is opposite a small islet where you can put a hook down if the lock wall is full.

Lock #7 Glen Ross

Glenn Ross Flowers
ID Mile Kilometer Lift Length Sill Depth Preferred SIde
# 7 13.8 22.20 11 155' 8' Starboard
Looking east to danger narrows

worth viewing Approaching from downstream the blue line is to the west or starboard. opposite the lock facilities which arae in the gate keepers house. Shown in purple.. This is a lock you will want to stay downstream of as upstream the tie up areas are little more than a dusty unused lot.

Glenn Ross

This is one of the prettier locks which also has access to the Glenn Ross Convience Store which is accross the bridge perhaps a couple of hundred feet. There ae phones here and the store has a good variety of hard ice cream cones. We like it as a stop as the folks are friendly and if you tie up on the east side it is a greay cat recreation area providing numerous grass snakes for them to chase, with only a feline friendly big black dog who routinely visits visiting boats.

upstream of Lock 7

Proceeding upstream from Glenn Ross. Glenn Ross Lock #7 Road Bridge with 3' vertical clearance runs immeadiatly to the south, or upstream of bridge. This bridge is of no concern as it is opened at the same time as the lock with both blue line areas outside of the effected area.

Once clear of the bridge, there is a concrete walled channel throug the mentioned nothing land where the down bound blue line on the west side. The entire section is just under a mile in length. At the south (upstream) end of short channel is a railroad swing bridge that I doubt has been closed for many years left in the open position. You have approximatly 11.5 miles before you reach Lock #8 at the west end of Percy's Reach.

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