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Locks 4 to Lock 6

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Lock #4 Batawa

Approaching lock 4

Upstream of Glen Millar there is an canal for half a mile bypassing the dam sluces and power station. To the west marker T21 identifies your limit of movement west at the exit of the canal area, to the east to is an unmarked rock shoal protrubing from the eastern shore. You will round a long right bend with low vegitation as you round northward your green T23 muct be to the west to port as you head into Lock #4 as the channel skirts the east bank.

Batawa got its name from the Bata shoe company located localy. There is a strong current off the dam to consider on your approach.

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Prefered side
# 4 5.2 8.4 18' 155' 8' Starboard

Lock 4

Lock 4 gives one an industrial feel with being located directly beside the dam. The lockeeper here would prefer to leave one of the lock doors shut making it awkward if you have a mast on deck. They will open the second gate if request however.

lock 5

Once north of #4 you can run close to mid river with no obsticles until you have lock #5 in sight. As you approach pich up the markers to clear the rocky shallow towards the west bank of 5 feet marked T25. Just before you enter the last marjer is T29 on the west side again below the dam.

Lock #6 Frankford

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Prefered side
# 6 7.3 11.75 18' 155' 8' Starboard

Waypoint close (downstream) south of Lock 6
44 ° 11.75' N   77 ° 36.52' West

Lock # Frankford

downstream gates at lock 6
Usefull Phone Numbers
Area Code   ( 613)
Police   392 3535
Municipal Office   398 6200
Lock # Phone   398 6495
Dimitri's   398 1888
Georges   398 7776

The lock at Frankford is a good place to stop if your time is running short. The town itself is on the west side of the river and takes perhaps 15 minutes to reach on foot. The lock facilities are located on the east side and there is pleant of space both above and below the lock depending on which direction you are headed. The island to the west was a campground, which has now been discontinued by the town, however a modern safe playground with beach is located at the bridge end, facing the river below the dam.

above Lock 6

We have stopped here several times as it gives you a chance to collect yourself beefore the rush of the last 5 locks, and the now unused campground provides an excellent contained cat walking territory.

lock 6 showing facility proximity

worth checking out If you want a break you will find something for everyone in the main section Frankford accross the bridge. Most stores are located on eeither Trent of Mill Streets. There isa IGA, a couple of banks with internic, Home Hardware. Of course there is important Liquor store to replentish the supplys on King Dr. which runs north from Mill just before the IGA.

Eating Out:
There is the Wedge and Bottle restaurant on the east side along with the Oasis grocery store and is closest to the lock. If you choose to take a walk the first option is Dimitri's 398 1888 (delivery available) just accross the bridge. We tried the Lotus Cafe and give it a good rating for chinese food at areasonable prices, but no delivery. Georges Pizzeria and Restaurant 398 7776 can be found on Trent and Mill with a fair selection of food other than pizzas.

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