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Stony Lake

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Stony Lake Deer

STONY LAKE BUOYAGE The main Trent Severn Waterway channel turns west to Burleigh Falls continuing the current port and starboard buoy pattern. If you choose to turn east to Stony Lake it is important to remember that the buoy scheme will change as you are returning to Stony Lake Ports leaving red right (starboard) and green left (port).

For the Trent Severn cruiser you enter Stony Lake from the south west via Clear Lake and from the north west via Burleigh Falls. Stony Lake has a lot less traffic than many of the lakes in this area. The lake is roughly 10 miles long and a mile across with good depth, in one point to over a hundred feet punctuated with numerous small islands. Although there is good water depth you need good visiblity to pick your way between the many tiny islets, little more than rocks.

Making your approach from either direction it is advisable to stay close to the CS RGR bifurcation or junction buoy before altering course. Why? To the north, If approaching from Burleigh Falls before the CS buoy lies Elliot Island with a 2 foot rocky shoal marked by C200 close to the channel. Or if exiting Hells Gate you must make the turn around Hitchings and Robinsons Island which are fringed with rocks and shallows marked by CS2 on Robinson Island.

Stony Lake Island

Your typical Stony Lake island is a huge rock with a couple ot trees protected by granite teeth which give little grace to those who miscalculate their position.

You want a dead true course from here east passing between CS3 & CS4 as the small string of islets to the south are the tips of barley submerged rocks mingling with shoals. Whatever destination you desire on Stony Lake wait until your are relatively close to the bifurcation CM RGR buoy before making any turns. Remember that there is Confusion Shoal with exposed rock marked by CS6 a mere 600 feet east of the CM RGR buoy.

To the South on Stony Lake

If your plans call for a visit to Juniper Island which has a public dock on its northern tip or further to McCrackens Landing you can follow the CM markers. Juniper Island is a summer home to a sailing school operated by the Stony Lake Cottagers Association. The dock is 150 feet long and lit during the summer with a post office, store, phone and some dockage.

En route to McCrackens Landing it is fairly clear sailing. There is Sunken Rock (should say it all) off the south point of Eagle Mount Island surrounded by a shallower shelf and a 4 foot shoal with exposed rocks marked by CM2 & CM4 to your starboard when approaching the landing. A prudent course would lie close off green CM3 when leaving Juniper Island astern.

McCrackens Landing

On the mainland south east of Juniper Island is McCrackens Landing which has a public wharf extended by seasonal floating dockage having 4 to 6 feet of depth. The community managed dock discourages overnight use by transient cruisers.

Choate Supply Store (705) 652 6101 is near the public dock with 5 feet of water at the gas dock and a well stocked store including marine parts and supplies. During the week there is a mechanic on hand for repairs.

North east of the public dock 0.1 mile is Wantasa Resort with 5 to 8 feet of depth dock side operating as a cottage resort with limited facilities for passing boaters.

Carveth's Marina (705) 652 6226 lies south east of the public dock 0.25 miles and stands out for the red white and blue marina building. Do not try to cut across from the main channel due to the shoals behind CM2 & CM4 , working along the shoreline which seldom drops to less than 5 feet of depth (at datum). Situated in a small corner of the bay behind Emerald and Island there are 2 sheltered portions of the dockage for seasonal rental. The marina is very busy keeping a staff of mechanics for repairs, including a good range of props in case you got careless. This is predominately a day boat marina with hourly charges if you need to stop for anything.

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To the east of Stony Lake

To the east on Stony Lake lie several destinations Mount Julian, Crowes Bay and Northey Bay. Leave the CM buoy to your south avoiding Confusion Shoal CS6.

Looking west form Viameed Resort

The first harbour headed east is Mount Julian. Approximately 0.8 miles east of Confusion Shoal CS6 north of the channel is Elephant Rock a naked stone sitting out by itself, followed by the CJ bifurcation buoy for the channel to Mount Julian. There is a 2 foot shoal Mouse Rock immediately north of the CJ marker. From here you pass between CJ1 & CJ2 heading almost due north to Mount Julian's facilities 0.7 miles away. CAUTION When headed north on this course do not stray east as there is a string of rocks and shoals stretching north from CJ2 to Fish Island.

Mount Julian Viameed Resort Landing

The Mount Julian community is on the north shore and reached from Highway 28 by land. For all intents and purposes both facilities here are part of the Viamede Resort (705) 652 1166. It has a public dock easily identified most times by the tour boat which ties up there making overnight stays there impossible.

Viameed Resort

The entire complex is distinctly upscale catering to big boats with up to 40 docks having 8 feet of water and up to 60 feet in length. Don't show up without calling first as they get busy and prefer phone reservations however you will not be disappointed. Docks have 15 and 30 amp power, water, hot tub, sauna, swimming pool, showers, laundromat, two hotels. a riding stable and rentals.

New wing of Viameed To the east of the original resort is the new lodge and complex.

Check it out at the Viamede Resort Website

If you venture further east the channel from bifurcation buoy CJ dips towards the north shore past CS7 guarding boats from the shoals of Wash Rock and Anchorage Island. The course continues along the north shore passing between the shore and CS10 and a FIR light on Ship divides Stony Lake at this point.

typical Stony Lake Island

Once you clear CS18, after the lake open up again. If your destinations is Northey Bay it is around the next headland where the shore marker CS19 marks the south tip. Gowever if proceeding to the bay give the headland a good berth as there are shoals which drop to as little as a couple of feet extending offshore. The photo shows the point and shoals as you round the headland into Northerly Bay. Our apology for the picture quality (will be replaced as soon as spring turns the foliage)

Northerly Bay

Providing you stay clear of the rocks the rest of the approach is straightforward and deep. Northey Bay is home to Bayview Marina (705) 654 4409 which does repairs and has a travelift capable of handling cruising boats. One look at the service offerings of Bayview tell you that Stony Lake takes a high toll on the undersides of boats as they specialize in propeller and emergency underwater repairs.

Quarey Bay

Further to the east is Quarry Bay which you can reach with some careful navigation, between the myrdid of tiny islands and rocks shoals this is a corner of the world where there are few people to bother you.

If your destination is Crowes Landing which has NO MARINA NOR ANY FACILITIES 2002 it is a direct route leaving the cluster of islands to your north.

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