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Gannon Narrows

Buckhorn to Bobcaygeon Group
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now deserted marina building

Close to the eastern entrance to the narrows on the north shore almost a mile east of the bridge is theee now deserted Oak Orchard marina building which you can see from a fair way off.

Gannon Narrows south shore cottages of Gannon Village.

The Gannon Narrows channel is roughly 1.5 miles in length joining Buckhorn Lake to the south-central portion of Pigeon Lake. Close east of the bridge there are a series of cottages with small craft tied to docks which are the waterside face of Gannon Village. When transiting be aware of the unprotected private docks, slow down.

Gannon Village Sign

Gannon Village is just that a quaint recreation community with little for the passing boater and no access unless you want a long walk.

Gannon Narrows Bridge

The channel through the narrows starts from the west with C 332 close to of the Gannon Narrows Bridge which has a 22 foot overhead clearance.

at anchor near Gannan Narrows Bridge

To the west of the bridge in the bay formed by the highway causeway ther is a somewhat exposed anchorage north of the channel. Many houseboats or those with shallower draft find a peaceful afternoon, far from the annoyance of shore bugs.

Upstream of Gannon bridge

Upstream of the Gannon Narrows the main channel bends north west into Pigeon Lake. A prominent red roofed cottage guards the point.

The recommended route follows the south side of Jacob Island marked by C 329 and C 332A followed by C 331 and C 332B. Shoals come off the south side of the island at C 334 and again at C 336 as you come out to Pigeon Lake.

Pigeon Lake Main Channel

South Pigeon Lake North Pigeon Lake Main Channel

As you round between the island and shore Gannon Narrows Marina (705) 292 5695 is on the south shore.


Gannon Narrows Marina

This Petro Canada dealer is on the southwest shore of the narrows and just east of Fothergill Island as you approach from up stream. The marina has the feel of a government dock with the office building set behind the main docks. There are a number of larger workshops behind the shore and dock areas.

Gannon Narrows Marina

The docks and fuel are easily accessable from the main channel with 4.5 to 5 feet of depth dockside so deep keel boats should approach with caution.

Gannon Narrows Marina  is home to the remains of Camp Maple Leafs geodesic domed cabins

There is not much to see or do at the marina and like many before me, it was the collection of the long abandoned geodesic domed cabins that caught my eye when visiting.

Gannon Narrows House boat company

There is a houseboat rental company located directly beside the marina with roughly a hald dozen mid sized houseboats at it's dock.

Ontario Marine Salvage can also be found here. If you are looking for a engine part this is a good place to start. For the young explorer the back lot is the final resting place for the remains of Camp Maple Leafs geodesic domed cabins. Their roof insulation breaking off leaving an abstract camoflage that almost blends in dispite the bright orange color exposed.

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Gannon Narrows Marina

(705) 292 5695

Gannon Narrows

Marina Facilities




4.5' 40' yes


Pump Out

Shore Power

Gas Yes 15 amp


Rest rooms


yes Yes yes

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