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Chemong Lake

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Bridgenorth Youngstown

Lake Chemong

To the south of Buckhorn Lake is Lake Chemong. Chemong is 14 miles long but perhaps only 2/3 of a mile wide. Despite the width Chemong holds fair depth and relatively obstruction clear water to the southern half.

Approximately 4.5 miles south of Harrington Narrows there is a causeway and bridge connecting the shores. Bridgenorth has the most visitor friendly services as all three marinas and two strip malls are within blocks. Bridgenorth and Youngs Point have the largest concentration of boating facilities and are located on opposite shores close to the causeway.

Until this spring I had never investigated Lake Chemong. There is an out of the way air to the places and everyone that I met was friendly and helpful. Certain ally a place I want to come back to in the future.

Birch Bend holiday Resort
No transient facilities
1.Selwyn Shores B & B
Phone (705) 652 0277
3. Curve Bay Marina
(705) 657 8893
4. Emerald Isle Marina
(705) 292 8452
5. Skyline Park & Marina
phone (705) 292 6625
6. Chemong Marina
(705) 292 7251
7. Mars Marina
Phone (705) 292 6840
8. Dutch Marine
(705) 292 7111
9. Old Causeway Marina
(705) 292 5390
10. Star Marina
(705) 292 9687
11. Fife's Bay Marina
(705) 292 8517
Chemong Yacht Haven
is west shore north of causeway
Harrington Narrows

I will start back at the Narrows to cover the cruising description. leaving Harrington Narrows is a roughly 600 foot wide section of water connecting Buckhorn Lake to Chemong Lake. Harrington Bay is west of the narrows while the west shore of the narrows is covered with cottages and the narrows also forms the dividing point between Upper Chemong Lake and the southern main portion of Chemong Lake.

There is no defined channel into Upper Chemong Lake. However! CAUTION: if you do go north to Upper Chemong from the narrows watch for Curve Shoal ( 2 feet), well out in the middle of the lake .

There are a number of marinas and B & B 's which allow transient boats on the lake please select from the table beside the map of Lake chemong for complete marina information.

As you enter Lake Chemong (2) Selwyn Shores B & B is almost directly across the lake on the east shore. Transient dockage is restricted to less than 24 feet and B & B guests.

As most facilities are in Bridgenorth and Youngs Point the marked channel runs SW. Exiting the Harrington Narrows the main channel turns further west rounding Connaught Shore. The channel follows a runs gentle curve as it rounds Hickson's Point. Here it takes a jog west to clear the smallest of two islands. As you round between the point and small island the only marker is CH7 which will be on your port (south east) side inbound to Bridgenorth and Youngstown..

The first of the marine facilities as you head south towards Bridgenorth is # 5 Skyline Trailer Park
(705) 292 6625. [Marina information here]

Skyline Trailer Park and Marina

Located on the north shore of Chemong Lake, north of Donaghue Bay and almost midway from the causeway to Harrington Narrows. The Skyline Trailer Park takes up a fair amount of real estate with 8 modern docks with 6 feet of depth dock side.

Visitors are invited to enjoy the many activities each day. There is a restaurant and service for popular makes of engines & boats.

The channel is indicated on the charts south to the Town of Bridgenorth and the causeway that divides the lake. The lake itself no longer has the canadian shield feel that Buckhorn or Stony Lake do, having the rolling hills and farmland spread out behind the year round residents. Across the lake, you can barley distinguish the buildings and boats that mark the Youngstown marinas on the west shore.


As you approach the causeway section of the lake you will find the channel markers angling you toward the N.E. shore. Close to the east end of the causeway is the County Road 14 & 16 bridge having a 22 ft vertical clearance and providing passage to the south-west end of the lake and those facilities.

Bridgenorth and the causeway form the center of convenient pro visioning on the lake where the channel passes close on shore at Bridgenorth. AS you approach the bridge at the east end of the causeway

All the Bridgenorth marina's are close to the main strip mall's which contains pretty much everything you would want for pro visioning or basic services. There is a Valumart grocery store, drug store, C.I.B.C bank , Canada Post Office, butcher shop and home hardware along with several restaurants.


Dinning Bridgenorth Lodge

In Bridgenorth the Chemong Lodge 292 8924 with its elaborate gardens is a favorite stop for lunch or dinner. A short stroll south from the strip mall and the marinas they serve a full menu in very enjoyable surroundings. IT is best to call first for reservations as they become busy.

There is of course the Upper Deck Dinning Lounge directly beside the causeway at Old Causeway Marine. A few minutes walk to the highway malls finds a number of fast food outlets, in the east mall the Honky Tonk family eatery, and a pizza parlor.

Marina's of Bridgenorth

Dutch Marine

The bridge is a couple of hundred yards S.E. of # 8 Dutch Marine (705) 292 6840 which occupies the shoreline directly north of the bridge. They have more than adequate depth with 8 feet at dock side and can accommodate roughly 15 transient boats of less than 36 feet overall length.

There is no travel lift but they use a 17 ton hydraulic trailer to lift larger cruisers. They offer complete repairs to all engines, hulls, propellers and even electrical. They have pump-out, 15 amp power, showers & washrooms, a small marine store, & launch ramp


Once under the bridge in the south west portion of the lake the marinas are tucked in the shadow of the bridge.

Old Causeway Marine

9. Old Causeway Marina (705) 292 5390 closed the Upper Deck about 4 years ago. The marina is still operating and has overnight slippage, weekly, monthly and seasonal, as well as rental boats. The property occupies a prominent corner at the east end of the causeway, fronting on the main road .

There is usually somebody around the dock area and the restaurant overlooks the docks. They can handle fair sized cruising boats and houseboats with a little more than 5 feet of draft available. There is 30 amp power, water, showers and a picnic area.

# 10 Star Marina (705) 292 9687 is the next marina south from the causeway.Star Marina has its name painted on the roof of the large buildings . The marina usually has space for transients up to 32 feet length 4 to 5 feet of draft. If you only want to go shopping they will charge a small parking fee.

The marina provides rental boats and snack facilities to boaters while offering repairs t boats, motors and propellers. They have a launch ramp, small marine store, bait & tackle.

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Gannon Narrows Buckhorn Lake Harrington Narrows
Fife Bay Marina

# 11 Fife Bay Marina (705) 292 9517 is on south east end of Lake Chemong roughly 3.25 miles south of the causeway and Bridgenorth. Tucked away in this quiet bay only 8 miles to Peterborough with access to the Trent Severn Waterway proper.

Fife Bay Marina

The marina itself is extremely pleasant encompassing a small bay with additional slips on the outside lake edge of the neck which forms the bay. The tranquil inner basin is lined with a string of docks along the neck and service facilities furthest in.

Fife Bay Marina

Is a smaller full service marina catering to local residents and seasonal boaters. From here south Lake Chemong is not a place for the transient boater. The marina dredges its own channel and offers a full set of services with fair depth.


Youngstown public launch rampo and parking lot

On the east side of the causeway there is a large day use launching area with a ramp and lots of parking. The stone breakwall is a popular place for local fisherman to try their luck .

west side of the causeway dinner

Sip and Dip Dinner at the west end of the causeway is always busy with locals offering up tasty snacks and meals.

Mars Marina Youngstown

The marina closest to the causeway on the west side the lake in Youngstown is # 7 Mars Marina (705) 292 68840 which is a full service marina with a solid background is servicing all types of engines with and extensive parts finding network. The marina itself is deep and sailboat friendly.

Mars Marina can handle larger cruising boats

Mars is a full service marina with a solid background is servicing all types of engines with and extensive parts finding network. The marina itself is deep with maneuvering room making it sailboat friendly easily handling larger cruising boats.

Chemong Yacht Haven

Beside Mars Marina the Chemong Yacht Haven has limited facilities and transient docking for smaller boats.

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Gannon Narrows Buckhorn Lake Harrington Narrows
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