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Bolsover Lock 37

Remember change of buoys you are headed down stream. Green to starboard to Gamebridge
Bolsover Lock

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You now have a series of 5 locks which doping you a total of 73 feet in the next 4 miles to the level of Lake Simcoe.

Like other lock series, the Lockmasters will attempt to take boats through the locks in groups to maintain the most efficient speed. It can get a bit harrowing in this section so if you are getting tired sit out a few groups passing.

Lock 37 Bolsover

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Width
# 37 177 285 22' 120' 6' 32'

You have less than a mile to the next lock. The canal bends gently south after leaving Bolsover with shallows extending far enough from the shore to make mid channel desirable. Perhaps a third of the way to Lock #38 their are shallows to the south side marked by S 354 & S 356 . At mile 178 you arrive at Lock 38 Talbot.

Lock 38 - Talbot

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Width
# 38 179 286.5 14' 120' 7' 32'

On leaving Talbot Lock make a straight run through S 352 and S 351 with 3 ft shoals on the south. At mile 178.2 the canal is crossed by a road bridge having a clearance of 22 feet. Continuing west, pass between S 350 and S 349 with shoals to both port and starboard.

below lock 37

The channel stays to the south side of the small pond created by the dam on the Talbot River, passing between two small islets near the south shore. At mile 178.7 as it re-enters the canal above Portage lock the channel narrows again.

Mile 179

You are less than 4 miles from lake Simcoe, with less than a mile to Lock 39. There are only three locks in a straight ditch passing through farm land. The county road parallels the canal for a while as the canal is now above the level of the surrounding land.

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