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Rosedale Lock 35

Lock #35 Rosedale

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 35 157 252.7 4' 150' 9'  

downstream of L 35

Rosedale Lock is situated on a man made cut connecting Cameron Lake to the east to Balsam Lake at it west end, the entire canal is less than 2 miles in length yet holds a number of marinas.

NOTE: For details on the channel and markers leading into Balsam Lake from the lock refer to Chart 2025 Sheet 1 of 3 until you clear N 54 (FIR) Once above the lock the village of Rosedale is ahead, while to the north the shallow Rosedale River channel N 40.

When approaching Lock 35 Rosedale be prepared for a bit of a traffic jam as the lock can get very busy and even though fairly wide the number of boats trying to hold without tieing up can create problems. Their is a decent sized wall below the lock where you can tie up with a much longer section above the lock. the entire area is well landscaped and quite rural making it a desirable stop.

Rosedale Marina

Above Lock 35 roughly .75 of a mile you reach Rosedale Marina & RV Inc. (705) 887 4663 on the north bank.The large Petro Canada sign on the fuel dock which has an average of 5' draft (depending on conditions) provides both gas and diesel.

Rosedale Marina

This is a large marina with space for 140 or so boats with transient dockage for 12 to 15 having a maximum size of 45' LOA, depending on the size already berthed. Report at the fuel dock for slip assignment. The marina has complete repair facilities for stern drives, gas and diesel inboards and outboards with a well stocked marine store including charts. Transient accommodation includes 25 or 30 amp power, water, showers, laundry phone, FAX and launch ramp.

Rosedale Marina

Kawartha Covers (705) 887 1511 is next upstream from Rosedale Marina on the same side. Their specialty is canvas repairs with a dock that has 3 to 4' of depth.

Balsam Lake Marina

Continuing upstream towards Balsam Lake you will quickly find Balsam Lake Marina (705) 887 4447 on your north side. You will see the large arch span building to the east and two octagonal yellow building near the shore. It also can handle boats of up to 45' and 5' draft and haul boats up to 32'. Their service includes engine repair and prop exchange. Balsam Lake Marina transient services are gas, power, showers & washrooms with a small marine store and launching ramp. Food service is provide from an above average chip truck on the property.

Entrance to Balsam Lake Worth viewing larger at a click

Rosedale is a small hamlet surrounding the Highway 35 bridge at mile 158. The bridge has a clearance height of 22 ft and 120 foot long public wharf is located on the same side just west of the bridge with depth alongside of 5' at the outside shoaling to 3' near shore. The area is extremely weedy.

Channel entering Balsam Lake

Traveling west from the bridge you follow a series of markers begining with N 45 & N 46 at the east end and continuing to N 54 where there is a FIR as you clear into Balsam Lake.

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