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Bobcaygeon River to Lock 32

UP-STREAM Next lock Lock #32 Bobcaygeon Bobcaygeon Town Pigeon Lake  DOWN-STREAM lock # 31 Buckhorn
The entire Big Bob Channel is strictly SPEED CONTROLED !
Big Bob Channel

We will pick up the east approach to Bobcaygeon at the east entrance of the Bobcaygeon River as you make your turn from Stumpy Bay leaving C 345 to your south. THe river is fairly wide , but extremely busy during the season and you will have traffic to contend with. North River Point is to the north with C 348 slightly west of the point itself, with C 341 on the south shore.

Big Bob Channel

Traffic hits its high point as you clear the highway 36 bridge which has the minimum 22' vertical clearance, for big boats remember that high water will reduce this clearance!. There are numerous facilities in this perhaps the best known of the Kawartha resort towns.

eastern approach to Lock 32 Bobcaygeon Rover

Marine facilities below the lock are located on the north shore here beginning just after the Hwy 36 bridge. I will keep the descriptions of the marinas shore here as this is another area where we will have to resort to separate marina pages to provide some sort of speed.

As you proceed from the bridge west the first of the marine facilities is Travis Lodge & Marina (705) 2295 identified by the Shell sign and has 10' of draft dock side. They have developed over the years to be a popular stop with a store that caters to the tourist with a sweet tooth. Next is Riverside Lodge (705) 738 2193 which provides a couple of smaller boats transient dockage and basic facilities for passing boaters.

Gordon Yacht Harbour

On the north side is the larger of the downtown marinas Gordon Yacht Harbour (705) 738 2381 . They have a huge 100 plus foot fuel dock with 10' of draft dock side. For the passing boater be wary of large vessels manoeuvering to approach the dock as it get pretty crazy at times. There can be no doubt that located a short walk from downtown and the ability to handle large vessels that it is popular and if you want to check in call ahead for reservations. Tee Marina has extensive facilities for transients but limited repair options with a basic store. THe guest facilities provide both 15 or 30 amp power, laundry, showers, BBQ's, launch ramp and electronic services if you need to FAX or e-mail.

Below Lock 32 in Bobcaygeon River

Bobcaygeon Lock is located on the south side of the Bog Bob Channel as you see in the picture above. Downstream of Lock 32 there is a long mooring wall and park that extends for several blocks before turning north to rejoin Big Bob Channel just above C 358. This is a VERY popular mooring wall with Canal street up a hill. There is a boardwalk that extends further to the east with a number of restaurants and stores.

Below Lock 32 in Bobcaygeon River

The park which occupies the hill to the east of the lock is a favorite boat watching picnic place for visitors and locals alike.

UP-STREAM Next lock Lock #32 Bobcaygeon Bobcaygeon Town Pigeon Lake  DOWN-STREAM lock # 31 Buckhorn

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