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Lock 25 Sawyer Creek to Lakefield Lock 26

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Once clear of the lock Lakefield and lock 26 is roughly 1.1 miles away but you need to ensure you stay east which is the side of the river you exit on until clear of C95 marks the end of a series of submerged pilings extending from above the dam.

approaching Lakefield the smokestack appears above the lock

You can now head a little further from the shore leaving markers C96 and C98 to the east along the eastern shore line of this fairly wide proportion of the Otonabee River. At roughly mile 97.8 you will pass between two small wooded islands where the deeper part of the channel lies closer to the western most island. The width here does not mean that you can completely open her up as the cottages along the west shoe have docks with small boats tied to them, and you are still responsible for damage done by your wake.

As the river begins to narrow the channel is marked by C99 and C100 which warn of the shoals extending well off shore and extending pretty much through C101 and C102. On the east shore between these markers is a public wharf roughly 80 feet long with 5 to 6 feet of water alongside A gravel launching ramp area is beside the dock .

In the same area marked by C104 EXERCISE CAUTION as there are rocks awash very close to the channel. We tend to favor a slightly wider course approaching C105 when approaching the lock entrance.

Lock 26 downstream gate

The lock gate itself is somewhat hidden by the trees and shrubs which tumble down the slopes on either side of the entrance. There is none too much room on the blue line and I prefer to hand back a bit further in the wider part when the approach is full.

Lock 26 - Lakefield

boats waiting in Lock 26 Lakefield
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ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 26 99 159.39 16' 4.88 m 120' 6' South
departing  in Lock 26 Lakefield

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At Lock 26 the waterway is running almost east west with Lakefield itself upstream of the lock and to the north across the bridge. You can walk to downtown in a little over fifteen minutes from the long tie-up space above the lock which has room for a lot of boats.

A large quiet mooring area is above   Lock 26 in Lakefield

There are no facilities short of the Bridge Street bridge which crosses the canal upstream perhaps 2 or 3 blocks away from this mooring wall. There are picnic tables and washrooms in the lock keepers building with almost no traffic to disturb a good nights sleep.

a deep cut runs under the highway at Lock 26 Lakefield

Continuing upstream you pass into a narrow and deep cut that separates the canal from the river with steep banks rising to the south side with brush dripping to water level. The canal bends northward obscuring your line of sight just before the narrow bridge making caution essential here. The Bridge Street (Hwy 28) bridge has a clearance of height 23 ft.


Exiting from under the bridge the Lakefield Trent Severn maintenance Compound is on the west side with a public wharf in the form of a long low concrete wall which divides the canal from the river for several hundred feet above the dam as the channel rejoins the river. There is approximately six feet of water along the wall.

There are no facilities here but what is the purpose of a cruising boat if you need to hop from marina to marina. The draw back is that although day use of the wall is free you will find that someone comes along in the evening to charge you for overnight use.

Lakefield main street

If you do choose to stop here it is one of our preferred spaces for a supply tie-up as you are a short climb to Bridge Street and Lakefield's stores.

Explore the Town of Lakefield here

The river is still quite narrow and the channel through Lakefield is a 10 kph speed control & no wake zone which is actively enforced during the season. Your course upstream through Lakefield will follow the east side of the river passing being Prince Andrew Island at the south followed by Gordonstown Island.


On the eastern shore beside Prince Andrew Island is Toth Marine (see picture) identified by its ESSO sign and white board and batten finish. They have a small gas dock suitable for boats of under 20 feet in length and under 5 feet draft. They do not offer any transient dockage but specialize in fiberglass repair with the marine product store and main shop across the street.

Lakefield marina

Lakefield Municipal Marina (705) 652 0330 is at the extreme end of Lakefield to the east of Gordonstown Island. When considering this marina you should call ahead as there are only 20 transient spaces and ne ready for some tricky correction as you approach due to the relatively strong current at right angle to the docks.

Lakefield Marina office

The Lakefield Municipal Marina is a very pretty marina with 36 foot finger docks jutting out from the wall towards the channel and having 7 feet of water alongside them. The entire facility in excellent condition with an office reminiscent of old train stations. There is a Chamber of Commerce office here for information and local brochures. Facilities are not lavish but modern with washrooms, showers, mostly 30 amp power a pump out and water. The area is part of a small perk which provides picnic tables and paths along the shore.

As you pass Lakefield Municipal Marina the channel makes a sharp jog to the west through the gap between Haig's Point the downstream markers are C111 and C112 with the Katchewanooka Lake end marked by C113 and C114. Once clear of these Katchewanooka Lake is open before you.

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