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Lock 23 Otonabee to Lock 25 Sawyer Creek

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Lock 23 from downstream

Above Lock 22, Lock 23 is but a half a mile around a gentle bend in the river. There is a popular fishing spot from the shore just downstream of the lock where a parking area extending into the rivers bend, inshore from C84 marks the shoal the fish like.

Lock 25 upstream jpg

Lock 23 - Otonabee

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 23 94.9 152.8 12' 120' 6' Starboard

Above Lock 23 Otonabee a mile and a half is Duro. Your curse angles out midstream and well marked. There are pilings to the west of C85 in from of the dam itself but there is little reason to go there. You can note that C87 and C89 marks another shoal area to the west of the channel.

Lock 24 downstream blue line

As you approach from downstream the blue line is on the wall to the center with very little space for extra boats.

Lock 24 - Douro

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 24 96.4 155.2 12' 120' 6' Starboard

upstream of Lock 24

At lock 24 the preferred tie-up is above with a grass area to the north west of the lock. This can be a pleasant place to stop off for an hour or a night. Again you will see a lot of local all of whom claim the area west of the lock to have good fishing.

Lock 24 upstream

The washrooms are on the west side which rumor says has a lower bug count. There is also a swimming hole below the dam to the far side of the river local kids frequent.

Lock 25 downstream

Upstream Sawyer Creek the next lock is a mile away with a straight mid-channel run from Douro. The center finger is longer here making finding a place to wait easier.

Farm land flanks both sides of Lock 25

This is dairy farmland with a quiet road used by sightseers and locals so road noise is fairly low and the local people friendly .

Lock 25 - Sawyer Creek

ID Mile Kilometers lift length Sill Depth Preferred side
# 25 97.3 156.7 10' 120' 6' Starboard

Lock 25 gate

When approaching from up stream you need to minimize you wake as the dam and the lock approach mouth will funnel what you kick up in to the lock with you.

Heading up toward the Lakefield lock, about 1.1 miles (1.7 km) along C95 marks another group of submerged pilings, while C96 and C98 highlight shallows to starboard in this fairly open stretch of river.

The channel narrows at the C99 and C100 pair of buoys with shoals coming well off shore. A public dock area is located on your starboard side after C101 and C102, the wharf is approximately 80 ft (24.5 m) long with good depth in the range of 5 ft (1.5 m). Watch your wake, boats tied up in the fairly narrow channel can take a real beating.

CAUTION, Watch your port side off the dock area and marker C104 with rocks awash close in on the channel, maintain a line to starboard of C105 to avoid the hazard and set a line for the lock entrance.

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