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Lake Fleet Islands
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Lake Fleet

Canadian Hydrographic Charts 1437, 1438


Endymion Island

Endymion Island within the Lake Fleet group

To access this secluded bay ( 5 ) you approach from the north and centre yourself on the entrance between Endymion and Sunset as there are some rocks around which are close to the surface so once again have someone on the bow as there is no excess room in the clear passage, but just enough. Once inside swing space is very limited and at the most three boats can lay at anchor safely. This is a place for two anchors as you are protected and a decent 35 pounder fore and aft will hold most boats that can safely enter the bay.

Endimion Island

The main docks ( 4 ) on Endymion are on the south and southeast ( 2 ) sides and are often busy but are close to the facilities for much of their length to allow fair sized sailboats to dock.

Belle Argo anchored between Endymion  and Sunset Island

Belle Argo anchored between Endymion and Sunset Island on my last visit to the Thousand Islands.

We would recommend that you consider Endymion and Sunset Island, which are almost joined at the south end of the bay. Since there is only a couple of feet of water it is possible for the adventurous to walk across and explore Sunset Island.

South East

To approach the docks on this South East corner stay well clear of the southern tip of the island as the rocks that you see - are not all that there are here.
There are submerged rocks off the south east tip !! The main dock faces a bay formed by Endymion and Sundown Island and you should approach from the east with Sundown to your north. Paying heed to the rock warning.

Parks dock on east side

To the south of this dock, on the other side of point (or islet depending on water levels) is a small floating dock used by parks personnel which will allow one small day boat to tie up along the east side.

Nature trail

Yet another alternative is to the north between Endymion and Sundown Island ( 2 ) where 3 or 4 boats can take refuge. There is a dock here but the mooring cans were not there September 2000. If you are late and choose to anchor outside ( 2 ) there is a marked shoal which you must ensure you swing clear of the rocks and do not block the entrance to the dock. Enter this area from the north east and NEVER attempt to slip through the space between Endymion and Sundown or risk most unpleasant consequences.

Ashore located at the south east area is the trash disposal station and a monster stone fireplace. While to the west which is a five minutes walk are the toilets and picnic shelter. To find the remainder of the facilities and explore the island follow the bark nature trail which leads west up the hill from the south east docks winding through the shade of the forest. Over the past several years the Parks department has been scaling back facilities to try to minimize impact on the island and the once friendly picnic shelter which has had its stove removed.

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South mooring area with 7 mooring cans

A good deep water mooring is also found in the south bay ( 3 ) with adequate room for quite a few boats in 12 to 20 feet of water. There is a well laid out mooring area ( 3 ) in the south bay with 7 mooring cans and a dinghy ramp on the east shore

Morning at the south west dock

If you choose the western end you can anchor in the bay or use the crib dock on the south side. The dock has adequate draft which we measured at 5 feet on the SE side September 2000, but two decent sized boats would fill it.

Endymion is a good place to take kids for a fauna lesson in th Thousand Islands as the trail is good and the island has a diverse and rare ecosystem that has survived its popularity with lots of ferns and the Deerberry which is a native of the Niagara Peninsula area. Small mouth bass can be caught in the bay which is home to a number of fish species.

Another option ( 6 ) is to the north of the island which is deeper and protected from the prevailing winds but quite busy on weekends. For larger cruising vessels this is the best mooring, as you get minimum channel wake and are far from the hub-bub of the busy SE dock area.

Your final option is off the north east side of the island where you will need a dinghy and is deeper while protected from the prevailing winds, but quite busy on weekends. There were no mooring cans in evidence September 2000, but excellent holding from the clay bottom. If you have to go further away you will find yourself in 20 to 40 feet of water which requires a much greater scope and places you close to the traffic passing between Camelot and Dumfounder Islands.

Make certain you show an anchor light as you are not far off the channel and consider where you set a shore mooring if you use this location. There are rings set in the rock ashore which make a secure stern mooring easy but can become a cats cradle if everyone fails to cooperate.



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