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Canadian Hydrographic Charts 1438, 1439


Waypoint for 0.2 miles off river mouth:
44 degrees 19 minutes . 26 N
76 degrees 09 minutes . 55 W

When visiting the Thousand Islands you owe yourself a visit to Gananoque, either for or because of it interesting shops restaurants and various marine facilities. The early explorers as far back as the 1600 had one version of the names interpretation the Iroquois translation is "Place of Good Health". Located northeast of Kingston 9 miles The town itself straddles the river and feels like a fishing and recreation town should.

Gananoque waterfront

You have a choice of 4 marinas in Gananoque two up the river Brennen and Cliffe Craft marina, the Gananoque Municipal marina to the west past the tour boats and Gordon Marine to the east.

Gananaque River

The town is neetly devided by the river which leave a feel of a old harbour village with it marinas above the bridge and various boat houses scattered along its banks.

Gananoque Inn

There are the normal variety of smaller restaurants and snack bars downtown to satisfy a quick snack. For more interesting dining the favorites are the on Main Street the Blinkbonnie Inn 50 Main and the Golden Apple in a restored period home a little further up . The Gananoque Inn is on the east side of the river with visitors docks. Located at the bottom of Stone Street it has a enjoyable patio and bar along with appropriate menus. For something a bit upscale you might visit the Trinity House Inn up the hill at 90 Stone Street as they have a fine original gallery and facilitate local charters.

Gananoque map of town

Provisioning is easy as King Street is three blocks away with groceries found 2 one half block east of the river at William St. The liquor store is further away and will probably require a taxi to resupply .

The Municipal marina is west of the river and is entered from the west end of the dock area between the floating break wall and flashing red marker located on a white column with red top. It is a large marina accommodating up to 150 boats and good facilities.

Entrance to the Gananoque Marina

For real hardware and marine supplies or repairs Brennan marine should fit the bill while if you want an evenings entertainment one of the east side of the river provide convenient access to the Thousand Island Playhouse and the entertainment above. The largest difference in most of Gananoque to what you may be used to is the departure time is morning due to the turnover of boats.

If you visit the town by land it is home to the Thousand Island Cruises which berth on the west side of the river next to the Municipal Marina.