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Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands Cruising Guide

Canadian Hydrographic Charts:
2017, 1439, 1436, 1437, 1438 USA 1439

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The thousand Islands is being systematically denied service and maintenance by Parks Canada. There is no question the damage done by careless visitors over the years had strained the islands ecosystems. The islands themselves still offer an accessable vacation where you can find anchorages and clean water.

Red Cap Island

Cruising Canada s Thousand Island Guide and related links will follow our 2000 cruise originating from Kingston and wandering as weather and landing space dictated. Our overall plan was to spend as much time on the hook as possible exploring an island deeper, or reporting on a shore service as we found them.

The most unique feature of the Thousand Islands is their proximity to each other where entire micro ecosystem develop due to their location. The entire area is heavily developed and private property punctuates the cruising grounds.

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