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Ontario Links Map

1000- Islands
Prescott, Ogdensburg,1000 Islands to Kingston

Eastern Lake Ontario
Bay of Quinte & Outside Route

Central Lake Ontario
Presquile Point to Toronto

Metro Toronto Area
Ashbridge Bay to Ontario Place

Western Lake Ontario
SW from Humber Bay to Hamilton
East from Hamilton to Noiagara-On-The-Lake

June 21, 1999

We have been experiencing servere difficulties with our .CA - DNS server and appoligise for those of you who may have had problems accessing the website over the past month.

It is now time for us to tend to our own neglected little vessel which was left abandoned by the self-claimed shipwright restorer who we contracted for repairs last November. Explorer now resides under our care and repairs which we are now undertaking ourselves will provide an interesting story all of its own. I am a traditionalist who has years of restoration experience using wood, epoxy and other materials . Our decision is to follow the recommendations of a very recent survey,and will entail timber selection, cutting, and repair, lots of sweat and probably many tears before Explorer hits the water. Our trials and tribulations of this vey thorough restoration will be related as a separate story in a future issue.

The skeleton structure of the Canadian shore of Lake Ontario is now available for phase one testing. In the next month or so shore facilities will be photographed and
This section will become a extensive travel guide for you pleasure by summers end.

Welcome to Cruising.ca. This site uses frames. Please click here to correctly view the site in context.
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