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Central L. Ontario


PresquileBay to Toronto
Canadian Hydrographic Charts:
2021, 2049, 2050, 2053, 2054, 2055, 2058, 2061, 2077, 2085

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Colburg 800 ft. SE 43degrees57.04minutes:N 78degrees09.75minutes:W
Port Hope 250 ft.off ent. 43degrees56.36minutes:N 78degrees17.43minutes:W
Newcastle .25 S of Ent. 43degrees53.44minutes:N 78degrees34.53minutes:W
Port Darlington Off Breakwater 43degrees53.16minutes:N 78degrees39.82minutes:W
Oshawa Off Breakwater 43degrees51.85minutes:N 78degrees49.32minutes:W
Whitby MX4 Breakwall 43degrees50.92minutes:N 78degrees55.65minutes:W
Frenchmans Bay Off Breakwater 43degrees48.61minutes:N 79degrees05.18minutes:W
Bluffers Park RL QTA not available not available

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