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Presqu'ile to Cobourg
Canadian Hydrographic Charts 2054, 2058, 2061
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Marina Information


Proceeding west from Presqu'ile Point the first shore landmark is located 1.4 miles WSW of Presqu'ile Point which is still a part of Presqu'ile Point Provincial Park is Chatterton Point (43 degrees 59 minutes N 77 degreesc 42 minutes W which is a low lying, densely wooded point with a gravel and sand shoreline.

High Bluff Island marks the offshore end of a chain of islands, extending from the Presqu'ile Peninsula lying 3.5 miles WSW of Presqu'ile Point. High Bluff Island and the other islands to the NE form a bird sanctuary and landing is prohibited, except with prior permission from the MNR resident naturalist. It is partly wooded except for the southern end which is almost baren, exhibiting with only a few trees. Proctor Point is on the south west end of High Bluff Island with an elevation of 60 feet and is commonly known as The Bluff. It is marked by Proctor Point light (492.2) on the SE side which has an elevation of 40 feet from a 25 foot high white circular tower, however, the light may be obscured we approached from the west due to trees on higher ground.

A traffic control calling in point lies to the south of High Bluff Island details of which may be found in the St Lawrence Seaway Handbook and is marked on chart 2000.

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Ogden Point (43 degrees 58 minutes N, 77 degrees 53 minutes west ) is easily identifed by the wharf and quarry of the St Lawrence Cement Company. Ogdon Point Light (492.4) is located atop a building located on the center dolphin with an elevation of 72 feet. This wharf and adjoining dolphins are privatly maintained by the St Lawrence Cement. Company and consist of 7 dolphins joined by catwalks, having an elevation of 21 feet. The wharf has depths ranging from 18 to 28 feet .

2.4 miles west of Ogden Point lies McGlennon Point where rocks are awash to the east and extra Caution must be exercised, as there are submurged boulders only 3 feet below the water, from 0.25 and 0.7 miles offshore. The point itself has a park like appearance with its woods and is approimately 30 feet high, flanked by clay bluffs. To the west a large house and a silver roofed barn are prominent features.

For the next 7 miles, west to Cobourg there are no suitable landing places for small craft , as the narrow gravelly shore gives way to wooded clay banks running from 15 to 30 feet high

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Cobourg East Pierhead light (493) is on the outer end of the east pier, located in a square white structure 40 feet high. Cobourg West Pierhead light (494) is on the NE end of a stone breakwall which extends from the SW pier and is in a white circular tower with a green upper portion 12 feet high. Cobourg T Pier light (496.5) shows from a white circular tower 12 feet high with a red upper portion.

Caution Cobourg Harbor is subject to silting, but it's reported depths are maintained by dredging. A depth of 8 feet was found a full 250 feet ESE of the East Pierhead light, and vessels should proceed with caution when entering this harbor.

Spencer Point on the mainland is located at (44 degrees 00 minutes N and 77 degrees 48 minutes W) 2.6 miles NW of High Bluff Island and is a wooded bluff with an elevation of 25 feet. There is an isolated shoal with a depth of 21 feet located 1 mile SSW of Spencer Point.

One enters Popham Bay which has depths ranging from 18 feet to 30 feet between High Bluff Island and Spencer Point. Caution is required on entering the bay as a an area of shaol water extends westward across the south entrance to the bay and should be avoided. The head of the Bay has a sand beach with shallow sand flats extending 1.0 mile offshore, with cottages lining the northern shore. Anchorage is possible in Popham Bay with a depth of approximatly 21 feet, with a sand and rock bottom.

SW of High Bluff Island lie two shoals. One mile SW lies Camel Shoal which is a reef with a depth of 13 feet, and 3 miles SW is Collier Shoal with a depth of 16 feet. A microwave tower located 2.1 miles NNW of Spencer Point can be distinguished by its white strobe lights while a radio tower is also located 1 mile further west .

Westward from Spencer Point to Ogdon Point, a distance of 3.8 miles there is little opportunity to land as a clay bank skirts the western shore.

Communities in this area are: Lakeport situated 1 mile WNW of Ogdon Point with a population of 114 (1981) and Colborne with a population of 2,001 (1991) 3 km NNW of the point. There are submurged ruins at Lakeport which are the remains of Keelers Warf and have depth over them ranging from 1 to 7 feet, an old concrete wall near shore just SE of these ruins.

West from McGlennon Point the coastline rises to 30 feet with mixed wooded and open patches, with farmland beyond. There area few landing points between the two points except for a a sandy beach midway where small craft my beach in good weather. Chub Point lies 3.2 miles west of McGlennon Point the lightly colored church spire of the Grafton church is visable 1.8 miles NNW of Chub Point.

5 miles west of Chub Point lies Lucas Point (43 degrees 75 minutes N, 78 degrees 07 minutes west) which is 15 feet high and wooded. There is a submurged sewage outfall at Lucas Point extending 0.15 miles offshore and two submurged pipelines are located 1.3 miles to the east. Conspicuous near Lucas Point and two miles east of Coboug are the GE Plastics plant and a microwave tower located 5 miles NNE 0f the point. Yet another tower is 3 miles to the north.

Online Magazine for Canadian boating, cruising and sailing enthusiasts in Canada Boats for sale in Ontario

Cobourg harbor entrance as seen from the south.

Caution storms from the SE or SW may cause a surge in the outer part of the harbor and a SW swell may sweep over the breakwaters. In such conditions it is prudent to move vessels to the inner harbor.

Online Magazine for Canadian boating, cruising and sailing enthusiasts in Canada Boats for sale in Ontario

Cobourg is thriving town with a population of 16,000, located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, with it's beautiful lakeside setting and a strong sense of history Cobourg makes for an inviting place to visit. The Canadian Coast Guard maintains a capable rescue vessel here.

Online Magazine for Canadian boating, cruising and sailing enthusiasts in Canada Boats for sale in Ontario

There are many points of interest to the visitor and so it is a good idea on arrival to pay a visit to the kiosk at the Marina, the one in front of Victoria Hall or that at the visitor's centre on Kings Street. The beautifully restored Victoria Hall, built circa 1860, now contains the town offices, a concert hall and various other areas of interest. Opening hours are 9 am to 5 p.m. weekdays and 11 to 5 p.m. on the weekend.

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Victoria park, slightly east of the marina has seen many improvements over the past few years and now offers, a clean and groomed sand beach, shallow pools for the children to splash around in, baseball diamonds and miniature golf.

Marie Dressler House, the birthplace of the movie star of the 20's and early thirties, Marie Dressler, is locted at212, Kings Street W. and contains much memorabilia of the star.

For those interested in fishing, there are charter boats available at the Marina. Fishing is not allowed from the finger docks or the central pier at the gas dock.

Two blocks up from the marina is the town's main shopping area, which is bounded by Spring, Albert, King and Division streets. In this vacinity one will find the liquor store, beer store, a major supermarket, and a pharmacy as well as several smaller shops of general interest. Every saturday morning during the season there is a farmers market in the sqaure behind Victoria Hall.

Should you be in need of parts or services for your boat Allen's Hardware on Kint St.W has some small parts available for minor repairs, whileDean Marine on Albert St. carry a full line of supplies for all types of boats.
There are several other stores in the town carrying varying types of repair parts.

canadian cruising magazine for boating cruising and sailing enthusiasts online Cobourg Marina, operated by the town is considered to be one of the best on Lake Ontario, with its 2500 fsq, ft. marina building containing scrupulously clean facilites which include large washrooms, showers and a fish cleaning area.
Docking and other important information are shown in the table below. Should you consider stopping over at the Marina you are advised to call ahead on VHS 68. Since the channel between the slips is rather narrow, manoeuvering in and out of the slips can be a little tricky and calls for careful attention.

Eating out, instead of the drudgery of the galley, then you have a great choice. If English pub fare is your want, then the Cat and the Fiddle is you destination, you will find it on Covert St. Swiss food is your taste, then it's King St. your bound for where The Matterhorn is located. Pasta or seafood? with a little jazz and blues thrown in on Wednesdays and Sundays then hasten to the Oasis Bar and Grill on King St. where you can sit on the terrace, if it's that kind of weather. Celebrating? you fancy gourmet food, then why not the Woodlawn Terrace Inn in a Heritage home, just 3 blocks north of the harbour at Division and University where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Menu. There are also the usual Fast Food chains and several smaller restaurants where one can satisfy their hunger

canadian cruising magazine for boating cruising and sailing enthusiasts online

Marina Information

Cobourg Marina
Phone: 905-372-2397, Fax: 905-372-1533
Oceans & Fisheries

Depth Length Transient
7 feet 40 90
Fuel Pump Out Shore Power
Gas Diesel yes 20 amp
Water Restrooms Showers
Yes Yes Yes
Repairs Sales Marine parts
Storage Trav Lift Launch ramp
  8 Ton Yes
Laundry Rentals Food Service
Recreation Season Berths Live Aboard

Cobourg Yacht Club

canadian cruising magazine for boating cruising and sailing enthusiasts online

Phone: (905) 372 3098

The Yacht club has dockage for members of recipicating yacht clubs on a first night free basis. Lunch and dinner are served on the second floor licenced dining lounge open Wednesday eveningsand weekends.

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