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Marina Information
Waypoint 1 mile South 43°57.65' :N       76°59.64' :W

Waupoos Island

Waupoos Island
Waupoos Bay

Canadian Hydrographic Charts 2064

Located off the east coast of Prince Edward County
on northwest shore of Prince Edward Bay

If you draw more than 4.5' it may be wise to enter from the south west end of Waupoos Island as Green Island and the sholas extending from the shore can make entering along the coast a bit tricky.

Waupoos Island dunes on NE shpore

Approaching from Main Duck and the Lake follow. For Passage from Adolphous Reach and the north start here.

Waupoos Island and Waupoos on the mainland are on the NW shore of Prince Edward Bay. If you are approaching from the open lake you will sometimes find identifying the island itself from the coastline difficult as they blur with Timber and False Duck islands. The most identifying visual objects are the low lying ( 6 feet) sand cliffs along the NE shore of the island approaching from Main Duck.

On your passage to or from Adolphus Reach you will pass " THE ROCK " which is a massive overhanging cliff 5 miles north of the island which then gives way to the low lying farmland running own the east shore from Cressy and Indian point.

There is not a lot of water between the island and the marina, so stay to the deeper parts of the channel, which is closer to the main shore P.E.C.. When approaching the from the north the prudent course makes a little "S" bend in the vicinity of Green Island which is commonly awash, and found 1 mile north of Waupoos Island approximately 0.6 miles off P.E.C. east shore. When approaching from near The Rock you will need to squeeze to the east slightly south of Green Island where a sandy bar will shoal to barley 4 feet. Just watch you depth finder as you can see bottom here. To the south of the bar you favor the west P.E.C. shore as a shallow shelf extends to the north west corner of Waupoos Island.

The water is clear and the weeds look deceptively close. Anchoring off is a good plan as the insect life bites a little less away from the lights. The fish like the clear water and weeds. There are several excellent anchorages in the waupoos Island area depending on the weather forecast. Most people tend to anchor along the west shore of the island north of the wharf, this anchorage provides excellent shelter from the NE a comfortable dinghy ride from the marina or island. A second option I like when the prevailing SW wind picks up, is to the north of the marina breakwater along the shore leaving "swing room". This will keep you comfy in strong wind, but is exposed to the NE so check the forecast. The other anchoring option is Smitty Bay to the SE of the wharf and marina, there is 5 to 10 feet of depth and good protection from prevailing SW winds.

Waupoos Ferry

The public wharf is on the NW shore of Waupoos Island with approximately 8 feet of depth. The crib timber construction is 98 feet long, 12 feet wide, with an elevation of approximately 5'. Although there is room for 2 boats this is sheep right of way country, and it may be occupied by the local barge.

A ferry load of sheep for the island

There are passages around the west and north west sides of the island. East of Morrision Point on the mainland there is a small ferry dock used by the local residents.

There are good anchorages to the south of Waupoos in Smitty Bay where you are protected from the prevailing winds. We will have more on Smitty Bay and its anchorages within weeks.

One mile north from Morrision Point is the settlement of Waupoos with a population of 157. Waupoos is a Customs Reporting Station.

The village of Waupoos on the mainland has apublic wharf which can handle one mid sized sailboat. The ferry ties up on the south side of the dock most times and you need to leave room for a tow boat on the north side of the dock. A new concrete structure was constructed over the 2000-01 winter and there is a new batch of modern fishing boats which ferries people to the camps and summer residences on the island.

Racing at Waupoos Marina
Waupooos Marina hosts a popular regatta on the August 1 holiday
 Waupoos Island Marina

Waupoos Marina which was originally a vegetable cannery before being converted to its current status. The facilities are simple but elegant with excellent washroom and laundry facilities combined with a small but well stocked store. With room for 25 or more visiting boats with an average depth on the fingers of 10 to 15 feet. There is a pump out, water, gas and diesel available while all guest docks have 15 and/or 30 amp power, Facilities provided b the marina include washrooms, laundry, shower, sauna, etc. Ice, telephone, picnic tables, horseshoes and book and/or videos are also provided. One additional feature that is most unusual is the free coffee and muffins provided to guests for breakfast. The marina maintains one of the few true wood shipwrights you will find today also an honest mechanic.

Waupoos Island Marina D Dock

When visiting the marina please let them know you read about them here.

Waupoos Marina is a secluded harbour which offers a relaxed setting on the east shore of Prince Edward County where visitors and seasonal boats may find a friendly atmosphere within the relatively sheltered waters protected by Waupoos Island. This marina at Waupoos, which means little rabbit, is a dream built from scratch. Many a local will tell you of how they laughed when the concept of building a marina was first proposed, now it is the pride of the county. The marina has a lot to do for adults and the kids alike. To the north there is a area where D dock congregates and unloads their cars a view which typifies the overall park like setting here.

Tire breakwater

The marina has a floating TIRE BREAKWATER which give fair protection from waves and wakes yet allows a mysterious current to keep the water inside clean and fresh. The Entrance is marked by red and green lighted markers= while there are flashing markers situated on top of the floating breakwater, which may be somewhat difficult to distinguish in some weather conditions. You should be aware that the entrance channel is narrow at this writing, but that will have to be remedied very soon in order the super cat, recently built and launched at the marina, to leave. The marina itself is immediately to the north of the Waupoos ferry dock and its entrance is towards the north end of the breakwater.

Waupoos Island

We call Waupoos our home port and recommend it highly . The atmosphere here is like nowhere else on the lake with boats coming and going and an interesting group of avid sailors.

Heavenly moose at Waupoos

The marina's recreation facilities are extensive and well maintained, making your mind drift across the pond to England. As the main parking area is to the south you will probably first see the mural on the inside storage building as you make your way past the owners english cottage with its fine english garden. As you arrive at the docks you will be greeted by the marinas Heavenly Moose who guards the sea wall enjoying its lunch of fresh flowers , hand picked every day.

A small beach is to the north of the main complex

Within the property is a small beach to the north of the main complex, past the launching ramp, just before you reach the bridge spanning the man made stream flowing from the paddock fountain. Withing earshot of the peacocks and other birds in their houses. It provides a shallow spot which is safe for children and with large trees to shade those watching them.

one of the Waupoos Marina pecocks

For the curious there are interesting occupants to investigate from the rabbits and peacocks located behind the small zoo somewhat to the north east of the main buildings across a small bridge.

hot tub at Waupoos marina

One of the most popular attractions is the hot tub which sits near the fuel dock in front of the office. In the mornings guests and residents greet the new day with coffee and muffins at the two sets of tables in front of the office.

Waupoos hot tub

There is a safe modern playground for the kids dock side with several tables with shade covers for the adults to watch over them. Or as is the custom enjoy the fresh baked muffins and coffee every morning. Upstairs there is a lounge with television and pool tables which is a big hit with the younger crowd.

Childrens playground

The Marina will be happy to help you organize your party, or you can walk up the road to the south past the orchard a kilometer or so to the Duke of Marysburg Pub. You can sit in a screened patio or the main pub and enjoy a cold beer or local cider and if hungry taste the fresh local fish cooked up by the innkeepers.

Night brings its own warmpth to the harbour

As night falls the peace of Waupoos can make one believe that you are already where you should be!

Facilities, contact information table below.

For the fisherman the ferry dock provides an interesting shore side promentary projecting into promising water. The numerous smaller fish swilling in the clear water are quick to check out fresh snacks while the resident large catfish seem to love to lie just close enough to the dock to tease the visiting fisherman while never so much as investigating any bait Edgar has used. There is no end of activities ashore and you might check out the county's web site for shore side activities.

The Rock

If you approach or leave from Adolphous Reach and the north ( Aug 2000 ) you will find that there are two black and white buoys towards the northern third of Prince Edward Bay on a direct course to and from the island channel.

On your passage to or from Adolphus Reach " THE ROCK " is a massive overhanging cliff 5 miles north of the island which then gives way to the low lying farmland running own the east shore from Cressy and Indian point.

Prince Edward County's website

When visiting the marina please let them know you read about them here.

Website Waupoos Marina & Cabins
65 County Road 38
RR# 4, Picton, Ontario
Tel: (613)476-2926
Fax: (613)476-8149
Waupoos Marina Website

Depth Length Transient
10 feet 65 feet 15
Fuel Pump Out Shore Power
Gas Diesel Yes 15 & 30 amp
Water Restrooms Showers
Repairs Sales Marine parts
Boats Engines Boats Engines Boats Engines
HD Crane Trav Lift Launch ramp
35 Ton 8 Ton Yes
Laundry Rentals Food Service
Yes Yes close
Hot Tub Sauna Cabins
Yes Yes Yes
Recreation Season Berths Live Aboard
close 71 YES

This information is not for navigation, always use official Hydrographic Charts

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Marina Information

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