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>From Kingston using 401 :exit 566 Marysville

If you come from Kingston and Montreal via the 401 you are better to take hwy. 49 at the Marysville turn off to Picton. From 401 it is 35 to 40 minutes to Waupoos.

Follow the sign to Picton through Tiatongraoga (sorry bad spelling) territory. . After you leave the highway just before the bay bridge 8 kmh from highway is cheep gas. Continue on 49 over the bridge towards Picton. As you reach picton you are running beside long reach to you east. Once you get into town you past the beer store crystal palace and a number of nice B&B's until you reach a stop sign at a Y.

The main street of Picton goes right (west) you follow sign top Waupoos and make a very sharp turn left, down the hill towards the Tip of the Bay.

One block further at the bottom of the hill you will see another road "Y

- ing" off to the south with a sign for Waupoos. Make a right turn and follow the signs to Waupoos. From here it is 12 kms to the boat.

When you come to the almost end of the road you keep following waupoos and turn left, and follow the road down through the farms and houses around the sharp left hand bend past the Duke of Marysborne Pub. Now you are close the next turn east (right) is Waupoos Marina. To check the maps of the area please check out and print out:


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