September 7 to 9 2012

HR Kathy Murphy, Grant Godin, Lance Mclerly

Stream management team.
Technical Support, hours available, full time option
I am excited to be given a transfer to technical support as that is where my strength lies.   Please advise me of the class start time as I have not been told.

I have now completed my natural gas property updates and am committed to 100% compliance / employment to any technical contract until June 2013.

Beyond that time, I need to see a salary future different than the decreases.

I am willing to return to full time employment with shift bid. Technical support is my forte and getting above a 20 ranking should not pose an issue. Or I am willing to stay part time, IF I can keep a 3 day shift, min 25 hours as per my old 9:00 (or earlier) to 18:00.
Thank you for this opportunity to excel at technical support.

Robin Morrish

install of gas


Boswell dig for gas


the gas dig


the natural gas dig