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CRUISING CANADA for boating on Trent Severn Return

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Please note you will be billed as RLM, not as Cruising Canada in US funds if you use the online payment option.

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Summer 2001 has seen a trend in individuals wishing to place ads in numerous sites without detailed information on the boat for sale. Please note these ads are for our readers and ARE NOT free if you wish a photo ad or an off site link.

Private $ 20 for 6 months 1 ad + access info here JOIN NOW
Commercial $ 60 for 6 months 4 ads + access info here JOIN NOW
Multi Photos $ 40 per Month 6 picts. - Discrete URL MORE DETAILS
Brokerage 7% to 10% Internet, Standard & Agent MORE DETAILS

You have seen no print ads for July or August 2001!

However, we moved 80% of listed boats which took input and work

Don't be fooled by some net newcomers, or those claiming (they would not dare claim more) to be one of the oldest sites! WWW.CRUISING.CA moved to Canada in 1997 with its first boating articles produced in 1995. WWW.CRUISING.CA is produced by people who sailed south in 1985 and have been living aboard and cruising for more than 10 years.

What about site volume you ask?
June 2001 stats recorded 266,445 hits, with an average visit entailing 25 or more pages viewed. This site pays for itself and will be around for many years to come, without hosting under a university cheep server or relying on other organizations for content. For 2002 Cruising Canada has almost as much original content completed again at this time.

More to the point. is we get out there and get results for you. Read what satisfied customers say here. We focus on content and there is a huge new guide section opening this fall along with brokerage and digital video services.

For the commercial member our stats show a worldwide readership of committed cruising readers.

A PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP (strictly non commercial)

  1. $ FREE
  2. NO Off site links allowed


If you are selling your own boat, and wish to spend the time to make a complete ad which provides the key information with one picture please we would be happy to let you run it. However, we can not have one liners to off site links many pure SPAM. We do and will go out of our way to ensure that you have the ability to present your boat or expand on the one picture format.

Cruising Canada and Canadianet Communications reserves the right to determine private membership suitability. We will routinely screen our classified and exercise these conditions. If you are found to be selling a product or service, or you are conducting a boat for sale business commercially your ad and subscription will be revoked without notice or refund.

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Cruising Canada customers please note you will be billed as RLM


  1. $ 60.00 US for three months from date of payment.
  2. FOUR "DIY" PHOTO CLASSIFIED ADS running for the three months.
  3. Live links allowed to your own web site

We also offer competitive banner advertising web site design, maintenance and marketing services. Multi site banners from $ $80.00 US for 6 months, to Classified Banners only at $ 40 US for 6 months.

Original photography, or video with reproduction rights are available in several forms at competitive industry rates.

Please let us know what you think or wish to add.
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